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7th December 2020

The digital divide is the disparity between those who have access and can benefit from use of ICT to technology and those who cannot. There are several factors which may impact this disparity including socioeconomic and geographical factors as well as differences between more and less developed nations.

More recently with the outbreak of Coronavirus, we have been able to witness first-hand just how important access to ICT and digital resources are. As more activities move online, now more than ever can we see the impact of a Digital Divide across the globe.

By closing the digital divide, together we can work towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development goals by giving people access to improve health and wellbeing, drive economic growth, close the gender gap and reduce zero hunger.

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Digital outcasts & COVID19

This morning is day 17 of my self-isolation thanks to #coronavirus. The world has changed. The social glue has come unstuck and we have turned to technology to allow us to live and keep us connected. 

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The evolving digital divide : from the first to the third level

Massimo Ragnedda and Maria Laura Ruiu authors of our recently published ‘Digital Divide’ book share thier thouoghts on how the divide means more than access.

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Is the digital divide of the past, present or future?

Our Digital World advisory board member Simon Rogerson shares his thoughts on the impact of having information rich – information poor divide

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Digital Divide

5 ways ICT is helping tackle the SDGs

View our infographic which highlights five ways ICT is helping to tackle the SDGs.

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