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How-to guides:

To help you on your publishing journey, we have created some useful author how-to guides.

Tips for writing more effectively

Whether you're a first-time author or a seasoned professional, our expert guides on planning, structuring and revising your work contain valuable tips.

Structure your journal submission

This guide explains the building blocks that are used to construct a journal article and why getting them right can boost your chances of publishing success.

Tips on structure

Writing a literature review

To write a literature review it is important to look at the relationships between different views, draw out the key themes and structure appropriately. See our step by step guide for some useful tips.

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Make your research easy to find with SEO

Help your article gain attention with clever use of search engine optimisation (SEO) at the writing stage.

Tips on writing for SEO

Writing an article abstract

An abstract helps an editor decide whether the article fits the journal’s aims and scope. It also helps a reviewer decide whether to accept the invitation to review and the reader decide whether to read on.

Tips on writing an abstract

Writing for policy makers

Making your work accessible to policy makers as well as an academic audience can be challenging. We’ve developed four tips to help explain your work in a way that policy makers can understand its potential.

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In this guide we explain what you should look for at the proofing stage.

Tips on proofreading

Writing collaboratively

Collaborative writing is now a common part of the research and professional publishing landscape. Read our tips for success.

Collaborative writing tips

Tips for non-native English speakers

This guide provides general advice on writing articles and lists some useful resources, including editing services for non-native English speakers.

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Write a teaching case study

Download our guide to writing teaching case studies or visit our Cases Hub to complete a course to develop your case writing skills and knowledge. 

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Write a teaching note

Download our guide to writing a teaching note to accompany your case study or visit our Cases Hub to complete a course to develop your case writing skills and knowledge.

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Publish with us

Find out more about how to publish with us and the different options available, including books, journals, case studies and open access. 

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