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EFMD logo2010 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Award Winners

This year there were 12 subject categories, sponsored by a selection of Emerald journals. The Awards were open to those who had completed examination requirements for a doctoral award between 1 October 2007 and 1 October 2010.

As the quality of submissions was again exceptionally high in all categories, the judges have had a difficult task deciding whom should be awarded these prestigious accolades. In addition to the overall winner, a number of Highly Commended Awards and Special Commendations have been bestowed across all of the various categories. Details of all award winners, listed by category, can be found below.

A cash prize of €1,500 (or currency equivalent) is awarded to the Winner of each category, as well as a certificate and the prospect of an offer of publication in the sponsoring journal, either as a full paper or an executive summary, at the Editor’s discretion. All Highly Commended Award and Special Commendation winners will receive certificates.

Both Emerald and the EFMD are exceedingly proud to support and reward such high-quality research. We wish the winners, and indeed all the applicants, success in their future academic careers. Further updates, including presentation photos and publication details, will appear here as information becomes available.

Educational leadership and strategy

Category sponsored by Journal of Educational Administration

Nienke Moolenaar
"Ties with Potential: Nature, antecedents, and consequences of social networks in school teams"
University of Twente, The Netherlands

Hospitality management

Category sponsored by International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

Demian Hodari
"Strategy Tools-in-Practice: Contextual Factors and Practical Use"
University of Surrey, UK

Highly Commended
Cheryl Leo
"Customer-Oriented Deviance (COD): A Conceptualisation, Development and Validation of a Behavioural Measure"
Griffith University, Australia

Highly Commended
Joy (Zhuowei) Huang
"Modeling Consumer-based Brand Equity for Multinational Hotel Brands – When Hosts Become Guests"
Purdue University, USA

Highly Commended
Jue Huang
"Customer-to-Customer Interaction: Impact on Cruise Experience and Overall Vacation Satisfaction"
Beijing Hospitality Institute, China

Special Commendation
Hanna (Hania) Janta
"The experiences of Polish migrant workers in the UK hospitality industry."
Bournemouth University, UK

Human resource management

Category sponsored by Personnel Review

Karina van de Voorde
"HRM, Employee Well-being and Organizational Performance: A Balanced Perspective."
Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Highly Commended
Anja Van den Broeck
"Work Motivation: A Perspective from the Job Demands-Resources Model and the Self-Determination Theory"
Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Highly Commended
Beverley Hawkins
"Recruitment Agents: How self-managed teams of recruitment consultants negotiate gendered organizational culture"
University of Exeter, UK

Highly Commended
Brian Harney
"Human Resource Management in Smaller Firms: A Theoretical and Empirical Exploration of Practices, Patterns and Determinants"
Dublin City University, Ireland

Highly Commended
Dimitrinka Stoyanova
"Learning and Skills Development in a Fragemneted Industry. The Case of the UK Television sector"
St Andrews University, UK

Highly Commended
Jennie Sumelius
"Developing and Integrating HRM Practices in MNC Subsidiaries in China"
Hanken School of Economics, Finland

Highly Commended
Marieke van den Brink
"Behind the Scenes of Science: Gender Practices in Recruitment and Selection of Professors in the Netherlands"
Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Highly Commended
Nicky Dries
"Different ladder, different story? Dissecting the talent management paradox within the framework of the postmodern career"
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Highly Commended
Thadeus Mkamwa (left) and Emeralds Sibu ZondiThadeus Mkamwa
"The Impact of High Performance Work Systems in Irish Companies: An Examination of Company and Employee Outcomes"
Saint Augustine University of Tanzania, Tanzania

Award presented at Msimbazi Centre, SAUT School of Graduate Studies, Tanzania
Photo right: Thadeus Mkamwa with Emerald business manager Sibu Zondi

Highly Commended
Tracy Wilcox
"Repositioning Human Resource Management in a Global Airline: the Struggle for Legitimacy"
University of New South Wales, Australia

Information science

Category sponsored by Journal of Documentation

Marisa Ponti (left) receiving her award from Emerald Business Manager, Jennifer HughesWinner
Marisa Ponti
"Actors in Collaboration: Sociotechnical Influence on Practice-Research Collaboration"
University of Borås, Sweden

Award presented at University of Borås, Sweden
Photo right: Marisa Ponti (left) receiving her award from Emerald Business Manager, Jennifer Hughes

Highly Commended
Jessica Bates
"The everyday information needs and information seeking behaviour of individuals living in a low-income neighbourhood in Dublin"
University College Dublin, Ireland

Jia Tina Du (right) pictured with Emeralds Judy ReevesHighly Commended
Jia Tina Du
"Multitasking, Cognitive Coordination and Cognitive Shifts during Web Searching"
University of South Australia, Australia

Award presented at University of South Australia
Photo right: Judy Reeves (Emerald) and Jia Tina Du (right)

Interdisciplinary accounting research

Category sponsored by Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal

Niamh O' Sullivan
"Social Accountability and the Finance Sector: The Case of Equator Principles (EP)Institutionalisation"
University of Amsterdam Business School, Netherlands

Highly Commended
Michael Fraser
"Social Accounting and Organisational Change: an Exploration of the Sustainability Assessment Model"
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Highly Commended
Rebecca Jane Gibbon
"Enacting social accounting within a community enterprise: actualising hermeneutic conversation"
Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Knowledge management

Category sponsored by Journal of Knowledge Management

Alexandre Perrin
"The practices of knowledge managers: an activity system based view."
Audencia Nantes School of Management, France

Dr Yi Li (left) pictured with Emerald colleague, Phoebe MeiHighly Commended
Yi Li
"Relationships of Knowledge Management Strategies, Innovations and Firm Performance: An Analysis Based on Business Strategy Typologies"
Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Photo right: Dr Yi Li (left) pictured with Emerald colleague, Phoebe Mei

Leadership and organization development

Category sponsored by Leadership & Organization Development Journal

Fahri Karakas
"Benevolent Leadership"
The Open University, United Kingdom

Ugur Yeliz Eseryel
"Leadership Behaviors and Perception in Self-Managing Virtual Teams"
University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Jon Shane pictured with his awardHighly Commended
Jon Shane
"Organizational Stressors and Police Performance"
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, USA

Award presented at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York
Photo right: Jon Shane pictured with his award

Logistics and supply chain management

Category sponsored by International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management

Peter Tatham
"Confidence in uk defence logistics – rhetoric or reality?"
Cranfield University, UK

Highly Commended
Soroosh Saghiri
"Suppliers Impacts on Postponement Strategies Implementation: A Study of Automotive Supply Chain"
University of East Anglia, UK

Tillmann BoehmeHighly Commended
Tillmann Boehme
"Supply Chain Integration: A Case-based Investigation of Status, Barriers, and Paths to Enhancement"
University of Waikato, New Zealand

Emerald business manager Judy Reeves (left) presenting Dr Boehmes' award.

Management and governance

Category sponsored by Management Decision

Theodora Issa (right) Winner - Theodora IssaWinner
Theodora Issa
"Ethical mindsets, aesthetics and spirituality: a mixed-methods approach analysis of the Australian services sector"
Curtin University, Australia

Presented at the ISIPM conference in Germany by Jeff Hovis
Photo right: Theodora Issa (right) pictured with Jeff Hovis
Photo left: Theodora returned home to a beautiful congratulatory bouquet from her family

Highly Commended
Jie Wu
"Cross Efficiency of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA): The Efficiency Evaluation Method Based on Game Theory"
University of Science and Technology of China

Shinji Hirako (left) presenting Dr Ryu with his award Highly Commended
Keikoh Ryu
"The Challenges of Localization for Japanese Corporations in China: Creating Public Value"
Waseda University, Japan

Photo right: Shinji Hirako (left) presenting Dr Ryu with his award

Highly Commended
Nikola Vlahovic
"Virtual business processes based on multiagent systems"
Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Highly Commended
Steven Kennedy
"Using a Stakeholder Thinking Approach to Investigate Barriers to the Implementation of Sustainable Development"
University of Sheffield, UK

Highly Commended
Suhaib Riaz
"Patterns of Expatriate Deployment over Time and Subsidiary Evolution"
University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada

Highly Commended
Yongjian Ke
"Equitable Risk Allocation for Public-Private Partnership Projects in China"
Tsinghua University, China

Marketing research

Category sponsored by European Journal of Marketing

Shiri Vivek
"A Scale of Consumer Engagement"
Eastern Michigan University, USA

Highly Commended
Anna Scott
"Towards sustainable consumption: Understanding the adoption and practice of environmental actions in households"
University of Sheffield, UK

Highly Commended
Catherine Bentham
"Combining Cross-Sectional Market Research Surveys: An Application of Statistical Matching"
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Highly Commended
Celine Brandt
"Measuring Individual Brand Image Perceptions and Brand Reputation using Associative Networks - Theory and Implications for Consumer Goods"
HEC ULg, Belgium

Award winner Dr Haithem Zourrig (left)Highly Commended
Haithem Zourrig
"Three Essays on Customer Revenge, Avoidance and Forgivenenss Behaviors: A Cross-Cultural Perspective"
HEC Montreal, Canada

Award presented at the EFMD MBA conference, Paris
Photo right: Dr Haithem Zourrig (left) and M. Jim Herbolich, Director, Network Services, EFMD

Highly Commended
Nicholas Santos
"Marketing to the impoverished: Developing a model for markets that justly and fairly serve the poor"
Santa Clara University, USA

Highly Commended
Petra Riefler
"Consumer attitudes towards buying other countries’ products: Conceptual and empirical insights into consumer animosity, consumer affinity, and consumer cosmopolitanism"
University of Vienna, Austria

Highly Commended
Steven Sweldens
"Evaluative Conditioning 2.0: Direct versus Associative Transfer of Affect to Brands"
INSEAD, France

Operations and production management

Category sponsored by International Journal of Operations & Production Management

Jens Roehrich
"The Dynamics of Inter-organisational Governance: Contractual and Relational Mechanisms in Public-Private Supply Arrangements"
University of Bath, School of Management, UK

Wantao Yu (left) pictured with IJOPM editor, Steve BrownHighly Commended
Wantao Yu
"Operations Strategy, Business Environment, Operations Resources and Performance: An empirical study of retail firms in China"
Nottingham University Business School, UK
Award presented by IJOPM editor, Professor Steve Brown (pictured right) at the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) conference in Reno, USA.

Antti Tenhiala (right) pictured with Emerald business manager, Jordi CaraltHighly Commended
Antti Tenhiala
"Contingency Theories of Order Management, Capacity Planning, and Exception Processing in Complex Manufacturing Environments"
IE Business School, Spain
Award presented at IE Business School in Spain by Emerald business manager, Jordi Caralt (pictured left).

Property investment and finance

Category sponsored by Journal of Property Investment and Finance

Sebastian Michael Gläsner (left) and Emerald business manager, Jennifer HughesWinner
Sebastian Michael Gläsner
"Return patterns of German open-end real estate funds An empirical explanation of smooth fund returns"
European Businees School, Germany
Award presented at the IPD in Wiesbaden, Germany by Emerald business manager, Jennifer Hughes (pictured right).