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South & eastern Europe

As a culturally diverse team communication is key to us, we’re comprised of different nationalities and languages but come together to collaborate as one.

We are more than just a team, we believe cross functionality collaboration creates innovation and improved business performance.

Together we focus on meaningful trends and spend time understanding the market in order to recognise our customers and users unique needs and where we can offer real impact

Laura Bonald, Regional Manager

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Introduction to the team

The south & eastern Europe regional team is a wide-spread, multicultural team speaking five different languages serving 24 countries within our Emerald region.

We are passionate about the dissemination of research, whether this be working with researchers and practitioners to fulfil their publishing needs, to promoting new types of content – we make it our mission to spread research with real world application.

If you’d like to contribute to these topics, please get in touch.

Our goals

As a team, we are proud to follow in the footsteps of the wider business to lead the drive towards a more sustainable future. As a company we’ve aligned our research to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Find out more about how we're aligning to the SDGs:

Fairer society

Healthier lives

Responsible management

Quality education for all

Key partnerships

BIBSAM Consortium – Sweden

In 2021 Emerald Publishing signed its first transformative open access agreement with the Bibsam Consortium in Sweden.

This progressive deal will run from 2021 until 2023, and it will enhance the publishing journey for researchers from 29 of its academic members institutions through access to more than 200,000 articles from 310 journals as well as publishing vouchers to accommodate all their needs. Read more.

CRUI Consortium – Italy

This progressive agreement will run from 2020 until 2024, and it will enable affiliated authors from CRUI participant institutions to continue reading Emerald Collections and publish 100% of their research articles (based on 2019 publishing output figures) in over 300 Emerald hybrid journals.

CARE Group (Coordination Group for Access to Electronic Resources), CRUI, is Italy’s library consortia, with more than 90 affiliated university and research libraries, and works to co-ordinate access to electronic resources for Italian universities. As a result of this agreement, a specific number of article processing charges (APCs) will be available annually to cover their researchers' needs. Find out more more.

Webinars & events

How to improve article acceptance rate & publish quicker: a guide to getting published

With guest speakers Radka Krivankova (Emerald Publishing), Professor Uthayasanker Sivarajah (University of Bradford, UK) and Niall Kennedy (Emerald Publishing). This webinar includes an introduction to Emerald, understanding journal timelines, reasons for article rejection, why publish in journals, how to select the right journal, how to identify your topic, how to structure your paper- including elements of the article: Introduction, methods, discussion, results and conclusion sections, how to write an effective title, abstract, and keywords plus a Q&A session at the end of the session.

April 2021

The problem of predatory publishing & how the industry is responding

Predatory journals are causing huge problems globally by attracting researchers to publish their articles for low fees, but conducting no peer review or quality checks to ensure validate what is published. In this talk, industry expert Simon Linacre will gave an overview on how predatory journals have developed, how researchers in the Latam region can avoid them, and show how the threat is currently being tackled.

November 2021

Get in touch

Carolina Mazzoleni [email protected]

Spain, Portugal, Republic of Cyprus, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Estonia, Belarus

Radka Krivankova MA, MBA [email protected]

Finland, Sweden, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland

Wendy Knox [email protected]

Italy, Greece, Malta, Israel

Sonja Pretis [email protected]

Europe Sales and Open Access Support

Sally Goff [email protected]

Regional Marketing Manager


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