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Here in Latin America and the Caribbean, we believe in equal opportunities for all; to us, equality is key to unlocking real impact both within the workplace and our research fields.

We recognise that excellence is not distinguished between gender types or any other single factor that makes people unique. This is reflected in our workplace, where we respect and welcome all individuals regardless of their gender identity, an ethos we also hold true within our wider communities.

Valeria Garcia

We believe that through different and unique viewpoints, we're able to truly understand the challenges of the diverse range of customers we work with.   

Our team covers the vast scope of Latin America and the Caribbean, with colleagues based across the region. We constantly seek new ways to support the communities we work with, and to get research into the hands of those making decisions about things that matter.

Valeria Garcia – Latin America and the Caribbean Vice-President

Introduction to the team

Our Latin America and the Caribbean team has representatives in São Paulo, Brasília, Mexico City, La Coruña, and Panamá City; covering a total of 45 countries throughout the region.

Our team can speak six languages and has a love for travelling and getting to know the diverse and multicultural territory we serve.

We are proud to work with more than 400 universities and learning institutions around Latin America and the Caribbean, allowing us to help disseminate the impact of meaningful research.

If you’d like to contribute to these topics, please get in touch.

Our goals

As a team, we are proud to follow in the footsteps of the wider business to lead the drive towards a more sustainable future. As a company we’ve aligned our research to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Personally, we like to help out as much as possible by committing our time and efforts to support our local communities by utilising the Emerald volunteering days. Some of our proudest achievements include creating and distributing essentials packs to the homeless in the streets of São Paulo, to partnering with NAIA – an NGO that runs an extra curriculum school for underprivileged students in aid of International Literacy Day. We believe everyone has a role to play towards social responsibility, and we won’t stop here.

Find out more about how we're aligning to the SDGs:

Fairer society

Healthier lives

Responsible management

Quality education for all

Emerald Publishing has launched its global Time for change 2021 report

We have published our third academic culture survey. The survey gathered views on change during July and August 2021 with more than 2,000 academics, librarians and students within Emerald’s literati community participating.

In Latin America, the report highlights...

  • The digital divide isn’t a universal issue where 35% think it is, but 45% think it is significant in Latin America 

  • When asked about their attitudes to certain topical issues, 73% (highest regionally) of respondents from Latin America said that ‘citation-based systems unfairly disadvantage those in low or middle-income countries’ compared to 60% globally 

  • Looking at research evaluation, Latin America is the least interested in dropping citation with 6% choosing this against an average of 18%. Interest in introducing other metrics beyond citation metrics is high in Latin America, 53% against a global 47%. Latin American and N&WE (excluding UK) are most interested in changing the way incentives are used to publish research, with 36% in each region choosing this option (29% global). 

Get an overview, read the full report and look at how this compares to other regions.

Thoughts from our experts – making real change happen

We’ve collaborated with several authors in the region to create blog articles and interviews. Make sure to come back as we’ll be adding to this content over time.

Translated versions

Meet our brand ambassadors

We currently have brand ambassadors across Latin America and The Caribbean. Through their hard work, they are helping us foster collaboration, support authors ready to publish and get research to the right people. We believe, with all the challenges the world is facing globally, the ambassador role has never been more important.

Marcos Ferasso

Marcos Ferasso, Assistant Professor, Unochapecó; Associate Researcher, Universidad de Lima; Visiting Professor, Wroclaw University of Economics and Business.

'I believe that my efforts in research and my personal and professional goals in becoming a researcher at international level are the main motivations to become a brand ambassador.'

Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez

Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez, Professor of Management, Universidad EAFIT.

'I have had very positive experiences as an Emerald author and books and journals' area editor, so becoming an ambassador was a natural step for me.’

Kit Fai Pun

Kit Fai Pun, Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management, The University of the West Indies.

'Being an academic and researcher, I love connecting with people, and promoting scholarly work and publishing. I value becoming a brand ambassador of Emerald as this can enhance my personal brand and build relationships with a wide network of people.'

Anndreas Rosenkranz

Andreas Rosenkranz, Professor of Engineering, Universidad de Chile; Associate Editor of Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, Emerald Publishing.

'I have been working for many years as an Associate Editor for Industrial Lubrication and Tribology. In this sense, I feel very well connected with Emerald and I am, therefore, very comfortable to represent Emerald. I like to share interesting scientific content with my network since this always kick-starts new discussions, which potentially end up in new ideas for experiments and research projects. It gives me the possibility to broaden my scientific spectrum and horizon by going though and checking the last "hot-topics" of Emerald.'

Juan Carlos Sosa Varela

Juan Carlos Sosa Varela, Dean and Professor of International Business at the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Universidad Ana G. Méndez; Associate Editor of the European Business Review, Emerald Publishing.

'It’s a program that helps to support our research communities, especially in Latin America. The need for more research on emerging markets has reached almost vox populi status in many business disciplines. The brand ambassadors provide support to authors who plan their research process and publish. I enjoy interacting with the research community and share my passion for making a difference in academia and the business ecosystem.'

Podcast: Building sustainable business schools for future leaders

Host Daniel Ridge and Dr. Juan Carlos Sosa Varela discuss the role education and research play in equipping future leaders interested in addressing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and developing the field of responsible management.

Find out more and read the transcript

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