The team in India is change-ready and always supporting the evolving needs of our communities. We believe authenticity enhances a customer's experience with Emerald and helps drive real impact in the real world. This is delivered by working closely with librarians and researchers to make research easy to access and value-driven.

We've a strong network in this vast geography, along with India we cover Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives; we're based in Delhi, and have representatives in Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai talking to our communities and finding ways to help with challenges.

Sundar Radhakrishnan

Sundar Radhakrishnan
Regional Manager

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Introduction to the team

Across the globe, challenges faced by academic communities are ever growing in scale, complexity and urgency. At Emerald India, we are committed to providing support to librarians, researchers, academicians and practitioners. We represent endless linguistic, religious and cultural diversity, and we believe that having a diverse and inclusive culture brings about positive change.

Here in Emerald India, we are aware of the effects of the many societal challenges that we face into as a region. We know that issues such as the poverty divide, class system as well as other cultural issues create divides between those who have and those who do not. We want to investigate these tough subjects and be a voice for those that are under-represented. To bring to the fore research that can make an impact on the ground and can make a positive impact to lives, livelihoods and communities.  

By addressing these issues, through your research and our support we believe that we can make change happen in the academic community too, where these divides can also be felt. Join us on this journey, get involved in matters that are important to you and contribute to change.


"The newly launched Emerald platform opened with a child's smiling face and motivates you to explore the knowledge that Emerald has to offer. It is a customer-focused platform that provides value-added services like Altmetrics, Navigation, and Copyright permission for an author, researcher to achieve their academic excellence. The librarians are also pleased and delighted; it saves users' time due to such a comprehensive and user-friendly platform."

Dr Mahendra N Jadhav 
Central Library 
Indian Institute of Technology Madras

"I am happy to testify about the experiences of the VTU Consortium with the Emerald Publishing team. We have three years’ association with Emerald, and the consortium members are delighted with the hands-on and supportive services the team provides. Their online and offline support is most appreciable. They have exhaustively covered 220 member institutions all across the state and oriented the stakeholders. Their user-friendly customer support through the website will answer most of the queries of users. Their overall performance is top rated."

Dr. K. R. Mulla, MLISc., Ph.D. 
Librarian & Coordinator, 
Visvesvaraya Technological University, 

Unravelling workplace mentoring in the Asian context

Evidence suggests that research on mentorship has been dominated by the west, and little is known about the cultural variations of the mentoring phenomenon. In this session we discuss the book Mentorship-Driven Talent Management: The Asian Experience, edited by Dr Payal Kumar and Dr Pawan Budhwar, which is the first book of its kind that provides a deeper understanding of the contextual interpretation of mentoring in Asian countries.

Use the code DIVERSEVOICES for 30% off this title.

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