When we launched our first issue of Real Impact, we did not expect to be writing our second edition during the lockdown of a global pandemic. So we start this issue, firstly by saying we hope you are keeping well and safe in these uncertain times.

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Within these issues, we discuss the topics that matter to you, the issues that are pressing and what do we, as a combined academic and publishing community have to say about them. We believe that working collectively we can make a difference and find ways to push forward on the issues at hand, and of course COVID-19 is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. By listening to the diverse voices, viewpoints, expertise and knowledge of people across our communities, we believe we can make a real impact.

Here we hope to do just that, but unpicking the topics that matter and looking to see where we can make a difference.

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Tamsyn Johnston-Hughes, PR manager
Tamsyn Johnston-Hughes
PR manager

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Our commitment

For over 50 years, championing fresh thinking has been at the heart of the Emerald business. Our goal is to help those in academia or people in practice work together to make a positive change in the real world.

We commit to:

  • supporting the community to overcome barriers to impact
  • challenging simplistic and outdated approaches to impact
  • driving impact literacy in the research sector

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Why business education may be key to gender parity at work

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How the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate change across research & education

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