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Calls for papers
The social, ethical, economic, and political implications of misinformation
Lies are as old as humankind. However, digital technologies have given new impetus to the spreading of misinformation (Allcott & Gentzkow, 2017), broadening its reach (Vosoughi, Roy & Aral,…
Internet Research
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New challenges and Opportunities for green industry development
Overview of special issue Industrialization accompanied by the industrial revolution and technological innovation has been the main driving force behind the economic growth and dramatic increases in…
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Extracting and Evaluating of Knowledge Entities
In the era of big data, tremendous amounts of information and data have drastically changed human civilization. The rapid growth of scientific documents  indicates that a large amount of knowledge is…
Aslib Journal of Information Management
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Driving impact through responsible investing
Background: In recent times, we have seen significant developments in responsible investing. First, the uptake of ESG criteria in finance and business in general has seen unprecedented acceleration[…
Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal
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Humanitarian logistics in conflict zones and complex emergencies
Background In recent years defence politics and strategies in most advanced countries have changed from primarily dealing with homeland defence to focus more on multinational operations such as UN…
Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management
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Healthcare and Real Estate
Overview of special issue The demand for healthcare facilities has been growing at an exponential rate in recent years, covering a wide range of properties from the specialist and non-specialist…
Journal of European Real Estate Research
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Digital Language Archives
The Electronic Library is currently accepting submissions for a special issue on “Digital Language Archives.” The special issue aims to provide the first publication that focuses on various aspects…
The Electronic Library
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Sacred Journeys: Moving in, out and around sacred spaces
Overview Even while the Earth sleeps, we travel Khalil Gibran Humanity’s insatiable thirst for travel has been recorded across the disciplinary spectrum for millennia, from historical accounts of…
Qualitative Market Research
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Playful Literacies Across Cultures: Pluralities of Pleasure, Affect, & Living Texts
Overview of the special issue During the COVID-19 pandemic, educators observed increased student stress and disconnection in formal learning environments; at the same time, many young people valued…
English Teaching: Practice & Critique
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Industry 4.0 technologies for the operation and maintenance of infrastructure: Recent developments and challenges
Overview of special issue  This special issue will provide a platform for researchers to consolidate their efforts and augment knowledge in the area of Industry 4.0 for operation and maintenance (O…
International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation
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Enterprises and Technology in Communities of the North Atlantic Periphery
Purpose and Background This special issue is focused on deepening the discussion about digital transformation in small and medium sized enterprises, in all their forms, in the communities in the…
Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy
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Gender, Entrepreneurship and the Digital Divide: A Global Perspective
Submissions deadline: 30th June 2022 Overview The concepts and terms defining the thrust of this special issue, i.e. gender, entrepreneurship (Berger et al., 2021), the digital divide (Bowen &…
International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship
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State-of-the-art for Manufacturing Management Advancing the Research Agenda and Practice through Literature Reviews
  Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management • Impact factor 2020: 7.547 Why State-of-the-art for Manufacturing Management? There are three purposes for a special issue on the state-of-the-art…
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management
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Open call for manuscripts for Social Studies Research and Practice's Interdisciplinary Feature
Social Studies Research and Practice seeks manuscripts which go across content-areas and disciplines for the journal’s Interdisciplinary Feature. Articles can include empirical research exploring how…
Social Studies Research and Practice
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Hybrid, Blended, and Mixed-Mode Learning Quality: More Lessons Learned in the COVID Pandemic and Beyond
Overview of special issue         This special issue aims to examine the assurance of learning quality in the increasing use of hybrid, hyflex, and mixed-mode (courses and programs that are partly…
Quality Assurance in Education
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Marketing via Industry 4.0 smart technologies in hospitality and tourism
Purpose ‘Smartness’ is a structural and transformational revolution of business practices, empowered by the increased adoption and diffusion of Industry 4.0 smart technology (Buhalis, 2020). The…
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Insights
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Building knowledge within the marketing discipline – a call for literature reviews
Spanish Journal of Marketing-ESIC Special issue Building knowledge within the marketing discipline – a call for literature reviews Knowledge generation within the field of marketing is accelerating…
Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC
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Social Network Analysis in Hospitality and Tourism
Purpose Social Network Analysis (SNA) has been the subject of specific interest in management and organizational studies. Areas of increasing concern are represented by the study of open innovation…
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
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Learning Writing and Communication in the Technician Workplace
Submissions deadline: 1 April 2022 Overview This special issue will present current best practices in formal and informal learning and training on professional writing and communication in the…
Journal of Workplace Learning
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Impact of COVID-19 on strategic sourcing decisions and supplier performance
Submission Deadline: 1st April 2022 Introduction Purchasing and supply management is an essential function of supply chain management. It ensures that the goods and services meet the quality…
Journal of Global Operations and Strategic Sourcing
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From Intent to Action: New Directions in Women and Leadership Research
Overview Despite extensive monitoring of women’s inclusion in leadership over the past 25 years by numerous research institutes (e.g. Pew Research Centre), consulting companies (e.g. Credit Suisse, …
Gender in Management
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Challenges of the (Anti) Adaptive Urbanization in Multiple Scales
Overview The special issue of IJDRBE aims to illuminate the challenges of (anti) adaptive urban components from neighbourhood to regional scale. It will comprise a collection of empirical and…
International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment
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Transforming the Construction Industry Towards the Next Normal
Submission portal opens on Scholar One (do not submit before this date): 15th October 2021. [Note: Please do contact us if you have a suitable paper ready for submission before 15th Oct. 2021].…
Built Environment Project and Asset Management
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Changing dynamics of hospitality and tourism experiences and servicescapes in the 'new normal'
BACKGROUND OF THE SPECIAL ISSUE:  The servicescape is traditionally understood as the physical environment where the service is assembled. The servicescape has also been  referred to as non-human…
International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research