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Mobile learning and microlearning in vocational education: Emerging trends for training

Education + Training
The topic of mobile learning and microlearning in vocational education has not been addressed before and gives the special issue great relevance, originality and novelty, being a pioneering issue in...
Guest editors

José-María Romero-Rodríguez

María-Pilar Cáceres-Reche

Francisco D. Fernández-Martín


Call for abstracts: Deep Learning based Soft Sensor for Industrial Autonomous Process Control

Sensor Review
This special issue contributes to the novel ideas in the deep learning-based soft sensors for industrial autonomous process control which is the need of the hour in updating Industry 4.0 to Industry 5...
Guest editors

Dr. Rajesh M

Dr. Sitharthan R

Dr. Danilo Pelusi

Dr Sathees Kumar Nataraj

Dr. Shanmuga Sundar D


The Future of Universities: View from the Top

On The Horizon
This special issue aims to provide a “global” point of view by including Presidents of universities from around the world.
Guest editors

David W. Atkinson


Integrated reporting in a changing world

Accounting Research Journal
There is increasing evidence of global warming and climate change. The recently concluded COP26 Summit left a grim reminder that the next decade would be most crucial in our ability to keep the global...
Guest editors

Professor Steven Cahan


Better than Us? Workers, Robots, and the HMR of the Future

Journal of Organizational Change Management
How will have to be managed the relationships and co-existence between Human Resources (HR) and robots within companies in ethical and profitable ways? How do workers will perceive robots?
Guest editors

Francesco Schiavone

Yichuan Wang

Ginevra Gravili

Patricia Baudier


Ethical Consumption and Climate Change in Hospitality and Tourism: Challenges, Solutions, and Prospects

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
This special issue aims to improve our readership’s understanding of climate change and sustainable consumption as well as developing innovative solutions to stimulate attitudinal and behavioral...
Guest editors

Professor Babak Taheri

Professor Hossein Olya

Professor Wided Batat

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