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Integrating Behavioral insights into Organizational Change for Circular Economy

Journal of Organizational Change Management
Our inquiry in this special issue is centered on the complex relationship that exists between the adoption of circular economy practices and human behavior.
Guest editor(s)
Muhammad Farrukh, Aldona Glińska-Neweś, Magda Osinska, Hanna Lehtimäki, Issam Ghazzawi,

Engaging with Artificial Intelligence technologies to support implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in higher education: Implications for strategic management and leadership

International Journal of Educational Management
This special issue aims to explore AI’s role on sustainable education from different stakeholders’ perspectives, offering strategic management and leadership implications in higher education.
Guest editor(s)
Vu Quang Trinh, Thinh Ngoc Pham, Dong Nguyen, Manolis Mavrikis,

Innovative Knowledge: Global Sustainable Business

International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research
To highlight innovative business behaviours in sustainability-based global business.
Guest editor(s)
Alba Yela Aránega, Jérôme Caby,

The role of green innovations and renewable energy sources in promoting sustainable economic growth and tackling climate change

International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management
Analysing the role of renewable energy sources and green innovations in promoting sustainable economic growth and tackling climate change.
Guest editor(s)
Luca Esposito, Marisa Faggini, Gianluigi De Pascale, Amanda Lange Salvia,

Beyond the Horizons of Innovation: Rethinking Logistics, Operations, and Supply Chain Management Strategies

International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management
This CfP seeks to explore innovative approaches, emerging technologies, and novel frameworks that redefine traditional paradigms in logistics, operations, and supply chain management.
Guest editor(s)
Christian M. Ringle, Jun-Hwa Cheah (Jacky), Wolfgang Kersten, Christian Thies,


South Asian Journal of Business Studies
The ESG edition of the South Asian Journal of Business Studies will examine the growing disconnect between corporate purpose (which is aligned with responsible business practices) and actual practice...
Guest editor(s)
Joseph A. Micale, Vasuki Shastry,

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