Calls for papers

Here are the latest calls for papers and special issues from our extensive journal and case study range.


Addiction Recovery Stories

Advances in Dual Diagnosis
We are seeking contributors for a new feature, Addiction Recovery Stories, which will be published (subject to review) in the journal Advances in Dual Diagnosis.

Consumer Engagement: Contemporary Challenges in an Evolving World

Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC
Consumer engagement (CE) has gained rapidly growing practitioner and researcher interest in recent years (Kumar et al., 2019; Rather et al., 2021), as revealed by its inclusion in the Marketing...

Building Resilience in Retail for the Post-COVID World - Marketing & Operations Perspectives

International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management
We welcome submissions on topics related to retail operations and marketing.

Artificial intelligence application in interactive marketing

Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing
Submission window: 1 July 2022 - 1 October 2022 Overview Wang (2021) defines interactive marketing as “the bi-directional value creation and mutual-influence marketing process through active customer...

Integration of Lean Six Sigma with Industry 4.0 to Augment Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness

International Journal of Lean Six Sigma
The aim of this SI is to explore and understand the integration of two most advanced methodologies – LSS and Industry 4.0 and the challenges involved in the integration, benefits as well as the...

Tourism Cities in Latin America - Issues, trends and innovation in urban tourism

International Journal of Tourism Cities
This Special Issue seeks to contribute to existing knowledge on urban tourism in Latin America, identify opportunities and challenges for tourism development in urban destinations, and present...

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