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Here are the latest calls for papers and special issues from our extensive journal and case study range.


Psychological contract: Issues and emerging developments

Journal of Managerial Psychology
The objective of this special issue is to broaden the understanding of the concept of psychological contract in changing and complex environments.
Guest editor(s)
Smirti Kutaula, Alvina Gillani, Pawan S. Budhwar,

The Integration of Dispersed Knowledge Management, Enterprise Risk Management and Corporate Crisis Management in the Face of Changes in the Global Business Environment

Journal of Knowledge Management
​​​​​​​In recent decades, society has experienced a significant evolution of human knowledge. This occurred, to a large extent, as a consequence of globalization and the accelerated technological...
Guest editor(s)
Fábio Lotti Oliva, Massaki Kotabe, Peter Kelle, Philip Linsley,

Emerging Asian Markets

International Journal of Wine Business Research
The consumption of alcohol in Asia has more than doubled in the past two decades. Spirits, beer and grape wine have all experienced strong growth over this period, but the largest increase in demand...
Guest editor(s)
Joanna Fountain, Justin Cohen,

AHP/ANP in supply chain resilience in the era of digital enterprise

Journal of Enterprise Information Management
This special issue will highlight the multiple criteria nature of supply chain resilience, providing implications and practical recommendations to improve the resilience of supply chains.
Guest editor(s)
Birsen Karpak, Emel Aktas, Ilker Topcu,

Nothing about us without us: participatory design application in social marketing

Journal of Social Marketing
This Special Issue will advance social marketing by challenging established methods of consumer/citizen orientation and insight research and facilitating a shift toward more participatory approaches.
Guest editor(s)
Dr Taylor Willmott, Dr David Schmidtke, Morgan Lee Cataldo, Sinead McLeod,

Current trends in semantic web and knowledge graphs

International Journal of Web Information Systems
This special issue has been organized to invite extended version of KGSWC-2022 conference papers. The motive behind this issue is to explore the current research in the area of Semantic Web and...
Guest editor(s)
Sanju Tiwari, Fernando Ortiz-Rodriguez, Boris Villazón-Terrazas,

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