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Upcoming Special Issues 2019-2020

Archnet-IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research is pleased to announce two special issues that are being developed as part of our current endeavors towards addressing topics of interest to the global community and the impact of recent architectural and urban phenomena on local environments. While the first issue follows the recent conference: The City (Re) Shaped: Exploring the Nexus Between Politics, Memory and Urbanism in the Built Environment, organized in September 2018 at the University of Leeds (United Kingdom), the second issue involves a selection of articles presented at the 4th international conference (CAUMME / PAUMME), Contemporary Architecture in the Mediterranean and the Middle East – Borders, organized at Bahcesehir University, Istanbul (Turkey) in November 2018. Following the Emerald’s standards of research assessment, identified papers are submitted and subjected to the double-blinded peer review process adopted by the journal. The two special issues are a result of the substantial presence and momentum Archnet-IJAR has made, especially since its recent inclusion in Emerald’s Portfolio of ‘Property Management and Built Environment’ journals.

The City (Re) Shaped: Exploring the Nexus Between Politics, Memory and Urbanism in the Built Environment

Guest Editor: Dr. Gehan Selim, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Volume 13, issue 3,  November 2019
This issue explores new horizons in global, transnational, and connected histories and is intended to include a range of multi-disciplinary topics that aim to further our understandings of the intertwined dynamic nature of the Politics of Urbanism and the Urbanism of Politics as manifested in many cities around the world. The range of papers covers recent debates on transformation of cities whereas urban and public spaces are directly affected by political and socio-economic factors and the way in which they are shaped, re-shaped, and used. Amongst the topics addressed in this issue are: spatial justice and the everyday urban realm; practicing political power, urban and social movements in public spaces; narratives of migration and displacement; and cultural heritage and the history of spaces.

Borders, Interfaces, and Intersections in Architecture and Urbanism

Guest Editor: Professor Dr. Sema Esen Soygenis, Bahcesehir University Faculty of Architecture and Design, Istanbul, Turkey
Volume 14, issue 1, March 2020
This issue covers a range of topics that deal with theoretical, educational research on borders, interfaces, and intersections while addressing various professional implications for the practice of architecture, interior architecture and urban design in a holistic manner. Design, construction, urban environment, public space, social and cultural issues, education, digital media, art and architecture are the main topics that are explored holistically within the general theme of borders. Within this context, the papers identified for this issue discuss intersections and interfaces, a meeting platform of polar qualities and opposites that include: interior/exterior, public/private, urban/suburban, local/global, real/virtual.