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JPIF Reviewers

We are grateful to all of our reviewers for lending their time and expertise to Journal of Property Investment and Finance.

Adair, Alastair
Barkham, Richard
Berry, Jim
Crosby, Neil
D'Arcy, Eamonn
Devaney, Steven
Dimovski, Bill
Dixon, Tim
French, Nick
Gabrielli, Laura
Goodchild, Robin
Grissom, Terry
Hoesli, Martin
Hutchison, Norman
Keeping, Miles
Levy, Deborah
Liow, KimHiang
Lizieri, Colin
MacGregor, Bryan
Mcintosh, Angus
Ming, Yu Shi
Newell, Graeme
Ong, Seow Eng
Ooi, Joseph
Parker, David
Patrick, Michael
Richards, Tim
Roulac, Stephen
Sieracki, Karen
Smith, Andrew
Taltavull, Paloma
White, Michael
Wofford, Larry
Wyatt, Peter
Wyman, David