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Emerald journal news

2018 Reviewers

The publishing and editorial teams would like to thank the following, for their invaluable service as 2018 reviewers for this journal. We are very grateful for the contributions made.  With their help, the journal has been able to provide highly informative articles that adhere to Emerald’s rigorous standards:

Katherine Ellinghaus 
Meg Foster
Dorothy Kass
Stuart MacIntyre
Josephine May
Fiona Paisley
Helen Raptis
Mary Lou Rasmussen
Rebecca Rogers
Glenn Savage
Terri Seddon
Susan Semel
Elizabeth Smyth
Christine Trimingham Jack
Rosalie Triolo
Amy Von Heyking
Eloise Wallace
Louise Watson
Margaret White
Kay Whitehead
Anne Wingenter
Katie Wright
Susannah Wright