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Emerald journal news

Free access papers: Learning and Intellectual Disabilities

The Emerald Literati Awards were established to celebrate and reward the contributions of authors and reviewers to scholarly research.

We are pleased to announce the winners of the outstanding papers for the 2017 Awards for Excellence for Learning and Intellectual Disabilities are as follows:

David Murphy, Hannah Mullens, (2017) "Examining the experiences and quality of life of patients with an autism spectrum disorder detained in high secure psychiatric care", Advances in Autism, Vol. 3 Issue: 1, pp.3-14,

Raghu Raghavan, Edward Griffin, (2017) "Resilience in children and young people with intellectual disabilities: a review of literature", Advances in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities, Vol. 11 Issue: 3, pp.86-97,

Paul Willis, (2017) "Queer, visible, present: the visibility of older LGB adults in long-term care environments", Housing, Care and Support, Vol. 20 Issue: 3, pp.110-120,

Lorna Montgomery, Deborah Hanlon, Christine Armstrong, (2017) "10,000 Voices: service users’ experiences of adult safeguarding", The Journal of Adult Protection, Vol. 19 Issue: 5, pp.236-246,

R. Hari Krishnan, S. Pugazhenthi, (2017) "Design and development of a robotic self-transfer device for wheelchair users", Journal of Enabling Technologies, Vol. 11 Issue: 2, pp.59-72,

Adrian Darakai, Andrew Day, Joe Graffam, (2017) "Public attitudes towards the employment of ex-offenders with a disability", Journal of Intellectual Disabilities and Offending Behaviour, Vol. 8 Issue: 1, pp.3-12,

Claire Bates, Louise Terry, Keith Popple, (2017) "Supporting people with learning disabilities to make and maintain intimate relationships", Tizard Learning Disability Review, Vol. 22 Issue: 1, pp.16-23,

A full list of winners can be found at: