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Just Published - Artificial Intelligence: beyond the hype?

Guest Editor:

Jean Paul Simon, JPS Public Policy Consulting, [email protected]


Over the past few years the issue of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has increasingly come to the fore as a technological trend. A February 2018 GSMA report states: “Many regard 2017 as the year AI sprang out of fiction and fully entered the mainstream consciousness for the first time” (GSMA, 2018: 4). AI is now expected to be one of the most pervasive disruptive technologies.

This special issue is devoted to AI so as to better document the issue (what is AI?) and offer some analysis of its various dimensions (what kinds of applications are there now and envisaged?), the challenges it brings (what issues are arising or might arise, e.g. ethical, legal, socio-economic, employment, etc?), and whether additional regulation is needed.

Table of Contents

Guest editorial
Jean Paul Simon

Artificial intelligence: scope, players, markets and geography
Jean Paul Simon

Artificial intelligence and policy: quo vadis?
Anastassia Lauterbach

State-of-the-art and adoption of artificial intelligence in retailing
Felix Dominik Weber, Reinhard Schütte

Governance of artificial intelligence and personal health information
Jenifer Sunrise Winter, Elizabeth Davidson

AI: from rational agents to socially responsible agents
Antonio Vetrò, Antonio Santangelo, Elena Beretta, Juan Carlos De Martin

AI’s path to the present and the painful transitions along the way
Martha Garcia-Murillo, Ian MacInnes

The present vision of AI… or the HAL syndrome
Pierre-Jean Benghozi, Hugues Chevalier


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