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Advances in Islamic Finance, Marketing and Management: An Asian Perspective

Call for contributions

Countries in Asia, such as those from the ASEAN, the Middle East, and the South Asian regions, have been experiencing tremendous growth in Islamic financial and marketing activities. Countries in Asia are best known for the best production opportunities in China, the populous markets of China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, the countries with the cheapest cost of labor, and the countries with immense technological advancement.

The Islamic financial and marketing industries have been growing at a double-digit rate for over a decade now. Referring particularly to the post financial crisis era, challenges of the management of Islamic financial, management and marketing have reached new heights. Islamic financial institutions (IFIs) from South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle Eastern countries hold a major percentage of Islamic assets. New opportunities are opening in the Central Asian countries as well. However, currently, the literature on Islamic finance are particularly limited, and largely focussed on the development of finance and allied industries.

This book is expected to balance these gaps by focusing on Islamic businesses from an Asian perspective and by incorporating, alongside finance, the development of Islamic marketing and management of Islamic businesses. This edited book aims to publish high quality theoretical and empirical findings in the areas of Islamic finance, banking, entrepreneurship, insurance, capital market, Islamic leadership, and Halal marketing. We are planning to include topics on consumer perception, services orientation, new product development, risk management, industry readiness for better customer satisfaction, and policy issues coupling strategy and best practices. Only original research papers based on primary as well as secondary research that are not published elsewhere will be considered. The book is expected to include a number of region-specific studies to explore the principles and practices that will fulfill the need of the academics. We are primarily targeting students and academics as primary readers. Some of the broad areas of interest are listed below:

Islamic finance

  • Performance and risk management practices of Islamic banks – Asian evidence
  • Future of Micro-Takaful for poverty alleviation – the case of the South Asian Countries
  • Islamic equity and fund market – Asian evidence
  • Asian Sukuk Market – regulation, performance and future challenges

Islamic Marketing

  • New product development and Halal implications
  • Halal Branding strategy, development and challenges: Asian perspective
  • Consumer behavior, perception and planning towards Halal marketing
  • Customer education, awareness and cultural diversity – the implications for Islamic marketing
    on the Asian markets

Islamic Management

  • Management of Islamic businesses: practices and gaps – South Asian evidence
  • Legal disputes affecting the Islamic service industry – Developed versus Developing Islamic
  • Islamic business, cross-border expansion, and technology – An Asian perspective
  • Management of Islamic social institutions: Applications of Zakat-waqf from Asian perspective


We have signed an agreement with Emerald to publish the Book.


Dr Dilip Mutum
Senior University Teaching Fellow, Nottingham University Business School Malaysia Campus
[email protected]

Dr Muhammad Mohsin Butt
Associate Professor of Marketing, Curtin University Malaysia Campus
[email protected]

Dr Mamunur Rashid
Assistant Professor of Finance, Nottingham University Business School Malaysia Campus
[email protected]

Important Dates

Expression of interest – a 500-word proposal – September 30, 2015
Decision on the proposal – October 10, 2015
First draft of the paper – February 10, 2016
Submission after preliminary editing/correction/proofreading – March 10, 2016
Review by Emerald – May 10, 2016
Final submission after secondary editing/correction/proofreading – June 10, 2016


Dr Mamunur Rashid
Assistant Professor of Finance
Nottingham University Business School
University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus
Jalan Broga, Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia 43500.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +60387253565.