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Multiple Criteria Decision Making

Special issue call for papers from Journal of Enterprise Information Management

Journal of Enterprise Information Management
Special Issue on Multiple Criteria Decision Making


Generally speaking, decision making occurs in all areas of our daily lives and we have been facing different alternatives with an intention of selecting the best one among others. To decide the most appropriate alternative, various criteria, both tangible and intangible, from diverse aspects need to be considered. In such a complexity, it is clear that multiple criteria decision making is, in fact, related to psychology and human interaction and is mainly based on human judgments. This being the case, exploiting powerful multiple criteria decision making approaches is indispensable for decision-makers while evaluating different alternatives in the presence of varying types of criteria. Previous applications published by the guest editors are given below under Related Publications.
The purpose of this call for paper is to attract a number of high-quality research papers contributing to the theory and the application of Multiple Criteria Decision Making methods. This special issue will hold a great potential to make significant contributions on advances in the multi-criteria decision making literature from different operational and theoretical aspects, more particularly in light of the recent technological changes occurred in the business domain.
In addition, from the practical side, the papers in this issue will be the means to overcome modern challenges being faced by practitioners in different organisations, especially in the presence of numerous traditional and modern criteria coming along with the recent industrial revolution. This special issue will help better understanding the current multiple criteria approaches implemented in the new industrial era.
To date, the business environment has gone through several progresses of industrial revolutions and the latest advancements emanated in this era have stimulated the need of a new revolution: The 4th Industry Revolution, which is widely referred to as “Industry 4.0”. Given the Industry 4.0 as an emerging umbrella concept in diverse industries existing in a supply chain, the decision-making in this digital and automation-oriented era has become more complex with additional up-to-date criteria, such as the implementation of robotic technologies or artificial intelligence applications. Thus, today’s strategic decision making needs to be re-evaluated and addressed through advanced MCDM approaches to provide realistic and robust solutions against the current problems.


Recently, data and its transformed state "information" have become the prominent resource for all aspects of business and education. The importance of decision-making for handling of these data and turning them into meaningful information and finally ending up with best course of actions have risen significantly. Potential topics to be considered for the special issue include, but are not limited to:
•    Advances in MCDM Theory
•    AHP, ANP
•    Behavioural Issues in Decision Making
•    Decision Support Systems
•    Environmental Decision Making
•    Evolutionary Algorithms
•    Fuzzy Sets and Approaches
•    Goal Programming
•    Group Decision Making
•    Multi-attribute Utility or Value Theory
•    Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding
•    Multiple Criteria Ranking or Sorting
•    Multi Objective Decision Making including exact methods and heuristics.
In application domains such as
•    Accounting, Finance & Economics
•    Business, Management & Strategy
•    Economics
•    Engineering
•    Health & Social Care
•    HR, Learning & Organization Studies
•    Information & Knowledge Management
•    Marketing
•    Operations
•    Quality
•    Industry 4.0, Supply Chain 4.0, Digital Logistics
•    Property Management & Built Environment
•    Public Policy & Environmental Management
•    Sociology
•    Tourism & Hospitality

Submission and Review Process

Manuscripts should not have been previously published or be under review in other journals. This special issue is linked with the MCDM 2019 Conference, 25th International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Making, to be 16-21 June 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey. Outstanding papers presented at this conference will be invited for submission. However, the guest editors also welcome submissions of high-quality papers that have not been submitted to or presented at this conference.

All authors are expected to explicitly state in their cover letter their contribution to knowledge and managerial implications within the context of MCDM. Submissions to the Journal of Enterprise Information Management are made using ScholarOne Manuscripts, the online submission and peer review system. The manuscript must comply with the author guidelines of the JEIM:
Authors must use the official JEIM submission portal on and select ‘MCDM’ special issue for their submission. We will accept submissions until 16 September 2019.
All papers will be screened by at least two guest editors (and desk rejected if not deemed suitable) before being sent to at least two referees. Papers will undergo a maximum of two rounds of revision to meet the scope and high standards of JEIM (or will be rejected otherwise). There is no guarantee of publication. We anticipate that this special issue will be published by the second half of 2020. For any queries regarding submission, please email the special issue guest editors.

Special Issue Guest Editors

Prof Emel Aktas, Cranfield University, UK [email protected]
Dr Berk Kucukaltan, Trakya University, Turkey; University of Bradford, UK [email protected]
Prof Ilker Topcu, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey [email protected]


Related Publications

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