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Augmenting intelligence and neural networks

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Intelligent Unmanned Systems

Augmenting Intelligence is emerging as a popular research field among various data science researchers. Neural networks are considered as one of the evolutionary technology that drives the future of machine learning. Neural networks promote the boundaries of machine learning by enabling its application in various domains like object recognition, biometric applications, automotive vehicles etc. The recent advances in augmented neural network intelligence has created a set of new technological advances in traditional neural networks by introducing the integration of fuzzy logic and neural networks, pulsed neural networks, robotic intelligence, intelligent assistive solutions for automotive industries and intelligent medical diagnosis. The major advancement in intelligent neural network is the memory augmented neural networks to perform predictive analysis applications in industries. The augmented neural networks have achieved a state-of-the-art performance and enhance the enterprise based process analytics applications.

Suggested topics include:

  • Methods to augment neural network intelligence
  • Memory augmented neural networks.
  • Pulsed neural network frameworks.
  • Neuro fuzzy technologies and applications
  • Augmented neural network for robotic intelligence.
  • Neural network based biometrics
  • Neural network for intelligent medical diagnosis
  • High performance neural network frameworks
  • Deep neuro fuzzy systems.
  • Neuroinformatics
  • Neural networks and big data analytics
  • Augmenting pattern recognition techniques
  • Hybrid intelligent systems.

The above list is not exhaustive and interested authors are encouraged to contact the guest editors with alternative proposals.

How to Submit:

The closing date for submissions is: 24st August 2019

The content of the paper must conform to the author guidelines of the International Journal of Intelligent Unmanned Systems, please see

Please submit your papers direct via the journal’s ScholarOne web site at Please indicate on the submission menu that your paper is for the "Augmenting intelligence and neural networks" special issue.

Guest Editors

Dr. P. Karrupusamy
Professor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Surya Engineering College, India
[email protected]

Dr. Joy Chen
Professor in Electrical Engineering, Da-Yeh University, Taiwan
[email protected]

Dr. Yong Shi
Associate/Tenured Professor of Computer Science, Kennesaw State University, USA
[email protected]