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The International Economic System and China

Special issue call for papers from Journal of International Trade Law and Policy

Reflecting the emergence of China as an important player in the International Economic System, the Journal of International Trade Law and Policy would like to invite submissions for a Special Issue of the Journal to be published in mid-2019 on China's role and influence within that system. Topics to be covered in the Special Issue could include:

  • China's status as a non-market economy
  • the One Belt-One Road initiative
  • the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
  • the protection of Intellectual Property in China
  • China in WTO dispute settlement
  • China's regulation of E-Commerce and its implications
Submissions on other topics will also be considered. All submissions must comply with the Journal's guidelines on submission of manuscripts. The Special Issue will have Professor Liming Wang of University College-Dublin and Dr Weihuan Zhou of the University of New South Wales as Guest Editors. All submissions must be received by 30 June 2019.