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Expert Briefings

Emerald Expert Briefings explore the implications and impact of global emerging trends and developments, capturing the impartial analysis and commentary of independent business leaders and academics on political, social and economic events.

What are Expert Briefings?

  • Daily Briefings provide up-to-the-minute coverage of global events as they happen
  • Current archive of over 20,000 expert briefings dating back to 2015
  • Prepared by a network of over 1,500 expert academics, former policymakers, regulators and industry leaders
  • Contributions are confidential, encouraging honest, accurate and objective commentary
  • A historical record allows students and researchers to position their work in a real-world context
  • Every briefing objectively reviewed by Oxford Analytica's team of experts

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Expert Briefings

Aircraft carriers will extend China's military reach
Russia's Putin clarifies options but not his future
A new US-Iran war will play out in Iraq and beyond
UK Parliament is unlikely to stop no-deal Brexit
NASA sets sights on private space stations
US deaths of despair will drag long-term growth lower
India will struggle to revive growth quickly
More concentration, less dynamism may dampen US growth
East Africa locust control will require coordination
The Gulf will lag on climate action, despite exposure
Tech may curb virus profiteering, not disinformation 
India faces huge COVID-19 burden absent more testing
Virus testing will be key to lockdown exit strategies
Maghreb lockdown rush may reflect low health capacity
Coronavirus shows how China has changed since SARS
Financial market buoyancy is fragile amid rising risks
Misinformation will undermine coronavirus responses
Medical advances may shorten COVID-19 duration
COVID-19 may hurt Singapore most in South-east Asia
The WHO's COVID-19 pandemic declaration may be late
COVID-19 and oil shocks raise Gulf recession risks
COVID-19 will hit US GDP but recovery may be V-shaped
COVID-19 threatens to fragment the EU further

Graphic Analyses

Differing priorities of age groups polarise politics
Risks and opportunities 2020: Africa
Risks and opportunities 2020: Russia and Eurasia
Risks and opportunities 2020: South/South-east Asia
Risks and opportunities 2020: North America
Risks and opportunities 2020: East Asia
Risks and opportunities 2020: Europe
Risks and opportunities 2020: International
Climate change GDP risk is high regardless of income
Gender equality is a distant but achievable goal
Governments step up social media capabilities
Public health is low priority in Central Europe
Tackling terrorism in Europe will become tougher
Health preparedness and trade affect COVID-19 exposure
Africa will struggle to combat COVID-19

Executive summaries

US 2020 census will affect post-2020 voting dynamics
Climate, tech and inequality will dominate the WEF
US election reform debate to grow pre-2020

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Value of Expert Briefings

We want our academic community to have direct access to the same information that senior government officials, industry leaders and regulators have at their disposal to inform decision making. 

By providing you with live commentary on business, politics, economics and international relations, we aim to shape research outcomes and influence recommendations that will help to make a real impact on the world.

Listen to an interview with Nick Redman (Editor in Chief & Director of Analysis, Oxford Analytica) and Tony Roche (Publishing Director, Emerald Publishing) who discuss the value of Expert Briefings and what this partnership means for academia.

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Featured Expert Briefings

Discover global events as they happen with these freely available Daily Briefings.
Featured Expert Briefing on Covid-19 in Africa

COVID-19 will threaten African political stability

How the spread of COVID-19 across Africa is likely to cause disruption within governments, affecting existing challenges such as hunger, poverty, debt crisis and more.

Read the Briefing
Featured Expert Briefing on Covid-19 in Europe

COVID-19 threatens to fragment the EU further

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the EU further causing a regional divide as difficulty arises over deciding the most appropriate action in response to the economic impacts.

Read the Briefing
Featured Expert Briefing on Covid-19 in India

India faces huge COVID-19 burden absent more testing

India has announced a 21-day lockdown in response to COVID-19. However unless levels of testing is increased, the public health infrastructure will remain under pressure in attempt to control the virus.

Read the Briefing

Why are Expert Briefings valuable to academia?

The independent insights and analysis offer business schools and social sciences departments a window into the impact and implications of macroeconomic and geopolitical events and decisions.

What does this mean?

For research

  • Expert Briefings are a trustworthy source of impartial and up-to-the-minute commentary on world events and their implications for business, politics, economics and international relations which allow researchers to identify the most urgent problems of today.
  • Researchers are offered unique access to the same information that senior government officials, industry leaders and regulators use daily to inform decision making. This insight can help universities achieve research impact goals as it encourages research that can be directly applied in the real world.

For teaching

  • Engage students with an in-depth understanding of highly topical events around them and give the thought-leaders of tomorrow a historical context for the decisions they will need to make.
  • Emerald is committed to our teaching and learning communities and this unique and important resource can be used by teaching faculty alongside traditional research content and case studies to inform seminar debates, create real time essay examples and keep course material relevant and up to date.

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