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Trusted and actionable analysis of global trends and developments

As we move into a new decade with new challenges, Emerald has teamed up with Oxford Analytica to deliver Expert Briefings through Emerald Insight.

Capturing the unbiased analysis of independent business leaders and academics on political, social and economic events, Expert Briefings meticulously explore the implications and impact of global emerging trends and developments.

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What are Expert Briefings?

  • Informed
    Analysis from over 1,500 academics, former policymakers, regulators and industry leaders.
  • Accurate
    The reality of events is reported without restriction, as contributors are anonymous.
  • Trusted
    Created in the style that was originally used to brief former US President Richard Nixon with actionable insights.
  • Rigorous
    Every Expert Briefing is objectively reviewed by a team of Oxford Analytica experts.

Access options to suit you

Subscribe – published on a daily basis offering up-to-the-minute analysis of global events as they happen.

Access to the most current daily Briefings published in 2021 and 2020, as well as five-years of briefings published between 2015–2019.

Purchase – over 20,000 Briefings from a five-year archive provides a timeline of events and their impact on the world’s biggest challenges.

One single payment provides perpetual access to content published between 2015–2019.

expert briefings

Who are they for?


  • Provide researchers with highly credible sources of impartial and real-time commentary
  • Cover world events as they occur, addressing implications, and allowing researchers to identify challenges
  • Help universities achieve research impact goals and encourage research that can be applied in the real world

Teaching faculties

  • Gives thought-leaders and influencers a frame of reference for key decisions they will make today, and in the future
  • Inform seminar debates, create real-time essay examples and keep course material relevant
  • Engage and inspire students with an in-depth understanding of topical events

Illustrative questions for seminar discussions & essays

Always have current content available – using the theme of global sustainable development, see how unbiased expert analysis of recent event can be used to bring thematic teaching to life.

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Featured Expert Briefings

Discover global events as they happen with our freely available daily Briefings.

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COVID-19 cases are likely to surge in winter

Are COVID19 cases likely to surge during winter? Find out in this Expert Briefing by Oxford Analytica.

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Vaccine nationalism could prolong pandemic

An effective COVID-19 vaccine is considered to be the only economically and humanely acceptable exit strategy for this pandemic.

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Expert Briefings an interview with...

About Oxford Analytica

Oxford Analytica is an independent geopolitical analysis and advisory firm that draws on a worldwide network of experts to advise clients on their strategies, operations, policies and investments. Founded in 1975 as the pioneer in the industry of geopolitical risk, Oxford Analytica now works with the world’s most influential businesses, governments and international organisations.

Listen to an interview with Nick Redman (Editor in Chief & Director of Analysis, Oxford Analytica) and Tony Roche (Publishing Director, Emerald Publishing), who discuss the value of Expert briefings and what this partnership means for academia.

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Expert briefings: COVID-19

Impact & implications

Take a look at recent excerpts from Expert Briefings that consider the impact of COVID-19 from various perspectives.

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Watch a recent webinar with Oxford Analytica addressing the implications of COVID-19.  

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