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COVID-19 vaccine allocation may change over time

Who is vaccinated will not only affect the speed in which the COVID pandemic is brought under control, but also which communities suffer the largest socioeconomic and health scars from it. Learn more in this Expert Briefing.


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COVID-19 deepens risks of corruption in healthcare

Corruption opportunities have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the rapid dispersal of large amounts of international financial assistance with limited scrutiny. This Expert Briefings digs into the misuse of COVID-19 funds.

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‘Right to repair’ schemes will boost sustainability

Extending product life through legislative means will stem the flow of new products and bolster ‘circular economy’ initiatives. Find out what this means for sustainability in this Expert Briefing.


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US recovery of GDP and jobs will vary widely by region

The Atlanta Federal Reserve forecasts that US GDP will grow by 35.3% in the third quarter, erasing most of the impact of the 31.4% contraction seen in April-June. Learn more in this Expert Briefing.


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Global COVID vaccine roll-out will face many hurdles

A dozen COVID-19 vaccines are in advanced trials across different countries. Read about potential distribution challenges in this Expert Briefing.


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Latin America risks another lost decade

Latin America is once again repeating its history of boom-and-bust cycles and risks experiencing a lost decade similar to the 1980s. Learn about the impact of COVID on the region in this Expert Briefing.


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