Emerald Insight: new platform information

Emerald Insight has been entirely redesigned and rebuilt to offer a great user experience, showcase researchers' work, and pave the way for rapid evolution to meet the research needs of the future. We're excited about the future and hope you are too!

New platform feature – ‘Explore Our Content’

January 2020

We have added a new ‘Explore Our Content’ drop-down on the top navigation bar. This allows users to browse content by journals, books, case studies, Expert Briefings and Open Access.

Journals and books homepages
Each homepage displays an index, allowing users to locate and browse specific titles.

Case Studies homepage
Through this page, users can browse content from Emerald’s case collections: Emerging Markets Case Studies and The CASE Journal.

Expert Briefings homepage
New for 2020 … in partnership with Oxford Analytica, Expert Briefings capture the impartial commentary of independent business leaders and academics on global political, social and economic events.

Open Access homepage
Browse our growing collection of over 3,000 pieces of open access research from our journal and book collections.

Free access to over 50,000 content items

November 2019

An archive of over 50,000 pieces of non-article content such as editorials, reviews, interviews and news items are now freely available without subscription.

New COUNTER 4 archive and COUNTER 5 data for August 2019

September 2019

Following the launch of the new usage portal, we have now uploaded the following data:

  • August 2019 (COUNTER 5)
  • 2 year archive from January 2017-March 2019 (COUNTER 4)

The new data will join the COUNTER 5 usage data for January to July 2019, which was made available from the launch of the platform.

Great news for eCase customers…new case studies homepage

September 2019

We have launched a new case studies homepage on Currently accessed via a separate URL:

The page will soon be integrated into the main platform navigation, alongside similar homepages for eJournal and eBook content.

Through this page, users can browse content from Emerald’s case collections: Emerging Markets Case Studies and The CASE Journal. In addition, the page will also provide quick access to all content from our global publishing partners. Subscribers to the eCase Collection will benefit from having all content available in one place.

This central navigation page aims to enhance the user experience by providing direct access to 1,800 case studies. Users can now seamlessly pin-point content and discover related material.

Additional filters can also be applied after selecting a case collection, including filter by years – further supporting the discovery of Emerald’s eCase content.

New usage portal for now live

September 2019

We are delighted to announce that we have launched a new usage portal that captures COUNTER 5 usage data for Powered by LibLynx, the portal is accessed via this link: 

The new portal currently includes COUNTER 5 usage data for January to July 2019. The next stage of the development will include the release of the following data:

  • COUNTER 5 data for August 2019
  • 2 years archive of COUNTER 4 compliant statistics dating from January 2017 – March 2019

In the meantime, archive data for your institution is available on request from [email protected]

Consortia reports – by selecting the ‘bulk download’ feature, individual member institution reports will be combined in one zip-file. Alternatively, administrators can access consortia reports via SUSHI.

You will receive an email from [email protected] inviting you to activate your account and create a password on the new portal. If you do not receive your email invitation, please check your junk folder. If you still don't receive it please email [email protected] for assistance. 

For step-by-step instructions on accessing usage reports, take a look at our simple guide created for library administrators

To better understand the differences between these reports, COUNTER has created some helpful user guides which are available on our Customer Support Portal

If you require further information or would like to be added as a library administrator for your institution, please contact Emerald Customer Support ([email protected])

We're in the final week!

June 2019

As we’re getting nearer to go-live, we’ve created an administrator's guide to migration, a simple 'what you need to know and do' document. Our handy FAQ document gives you important information about what is happening, when it’s happening and what you need to do now to get ready… and hopefully our access guide can answer any questions you may have!

Included within this information is:

  • Content migration
  • Technical specifications required
  • User profiles
  • Authentication, discovery and access control
  • Usage and standards
  • Confirmed URLs for proxy server access

Updated information for OCLC hosted EZproxy customers

We have recently received updated advice from OCLC, regarding hosted EZproxy customers, asking that you contact them directly on (USA) +1-614-793-8682 and ask them to add the following sites to their database definitions:

User guides and library promotion

To support your users with access to the new platform, we've created the new Emerald Insight guides, including posters and postcards to help you advertise the platform around your library.

If you require printed copies, please contact [email protected]

We're getting close to launch!

May 2019

As we’re nearing the migration date we want to give you some important information.

Find out what is happening, when it’s happening and what you need to do now to get ready!

Emerald Insight goes beta

April 2019

The new Emerald Insight platform has reached beta stage and is now available for users around the world to test. This is your chance to be amongst the first to experience the new platform!

Accessing the site – beta is available to all users via IP recognition whilst Shibboleth access will be implemented for any federation supported through EDUGAIN with more federations being added throughout the beta phase. EZ Proxy will also be implemented for testing with customers during beta.

This is just the start - we still have some way to go before we launch the new Emerald Insight platform. It's important to bear in mind that initially only basic functionality will be included in beta. Not all content has migrated, and usage data will not be captured, so please don't use the beta site for your research processes just yet.

New features and functionality will be implemented every two weeks, which means that sometimes elements of the site may not work fully. With changes and improvements happening all the time, please check back regularly to track our progress.

Inspired, shaped and tested by our greatest asset – our users

March 2019

Developed in collaboration with 12 leading universities, the new platform is being designed to make social sciences research easy, elegant and enjoyable to find.

In October, Emerald released a first version of the site to around 100 users worldwide. Sarah Boyd, Product Lead, tells private beta participants why we are embarking on this journey.

Why are we doing this and what does it mean?

February 2019

We're doing this to create a much better experience for the showcasing, broad dissemination and visibility of social science research.

The work done by social scientists is critical to helping us look at the world differently – whether that be in relation to crime, work, society, health, community or culture – and inspiring critical thinking that can positively impact upon society as a whole. We wanted to create a platform for a wide range of research outputs, from articles to data to case studies to video and animation, which would be fast, very easy to use, uncluttered, accessible and broad in its reach.

Authors deserve the best showcase for their work to the broadest audience possible. Readers, students and researchers deserve a best-in-class user experience. Librarians deserve great support in administration, discoverability and analytics.

Our vision is to launch a platform to do all of this, and which we will continually improve and build on in collaboration with the communities we serve. It’s a platform for you, and we invite you to drive its continued development.