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Responsible management
Small-holding farmers and exploitative role of intermediaries
Agriculture is the world's largest industry, employing more than one billion people. It’s always been at the heart of development, human wellbeing,…
Quality education for all, Fairer society
Deadline extended for the hidden REF competition
Entrants to the hidden REF competition now have until May to enter their submissions. The extension comes in response to the ongoing UK lockdown and…
Quality education for all
Why digital and information literacy are so important to education?
Author: Erica Sunarjo, a professional writer, translator, and editor with a Master's degree in Marketing and Social Media. It’s commonly believed…
Quality education for all
A new dawn for research evaluation?
Academic culture and practices around research evaluation have taken a hit in recent years, with stakeholders across the ecosystem pushing for change…
Quality education for all
A new competition celebrates the forgotten contributors to research
It’s only right to give credit where it’s due, but that isn’t always how it works in academia. Often the contributors that underpin research are...
Emerald Publishing partners with Jisc to combine access to Emerald’s research with a sustainable approach to green open access
Emerald Publishing is delighted to announce a new three-year agreement with Jisc, the UK research and education not-for-profit. The agreement is one…
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Issue 3: academic culture

We present the findings of our Academic culture survey 2020.

The insights from this survey are divided into four sections: