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Educational leadership with vision is critical to academic success for all students; done well, it positively affects staff and student morale, performance and outcomes. What are the problems affecting leaders? How can you structure your decision making and be a better leader? How can you help your institution to be intrinsically inclusive and support the leaders of tomorrow?
Together with some of our partners and authors, we’ve been exploring this subject.

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Some of our authors have been sharing their research in different ways; check out our chatty podcasts, blogs or a presentation video to find out more.

Understanding decision-making in educational contexts

Stephanie Chitpin, Professor of Leadership and Educational Theory at the University of Ottawa in Canada discusses how leaders make decisions in institutions. Should they follow their gut feelings and intuition, or should they partake in critical decision-making?

Educational leadership in challenging times

Carol A Mullen from the School of Education, Virginia Tech in the USA makes the case for social justice leadership as an essential competency for influencing school culture, teacher development, and student learning.  

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Some of our authors have been investigating how to teach through disruption in the modern world. You are invited to see some of their research, a taster chapter of each book can be accessed here.

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