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Developing a Web 2.0 service model

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The principle behind Library 2.0 is that the user is central to service delivery, and that furthermore he or she should be encouraged to participate.

There are a large number of Web 2.0 technologies that can be used to that end but a 2.0 aware librarian will also use traditional technologies – for example making the website attractive and interesting rather than just informative and functional, inviting readers to give reviews – as well as other types of service provision, for example events and teaching about information communications technologies.

We have seen how the 2.0 library will contain a great wealth of different resources tailored to the needs of a particular community, for example books on mental health for areas with a high incidence of mental health problems or business resources in business districts.

It will not be confined to a particular place but will go where the user is – on his or her desktop, and in his or her pocket with a mobile device or iPod.