Bio-Inspired computation, algorithms and its application to address real world engineering problems

Call for papers for: World Journal of Engineering

Submission deadline: 30th October 2020

Guest editors

Engr. Dr. Zain Anwar Ali, Beijing Normal University

Email: [email protected]

Engr. Dr. Suhaib Masroor, Shanghai University

Email: [email protected]

Overview of special issue

In recent years, Bio-inspired robotics techniques have received significant attentions from the research communities of machine learning, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition, etc. The topic of Unmanned Mobile System (UMS) has become one of the topical themes in international conferences on both robotics and machine learning area. Moreover, there have been several special sessions devoted to Bio-inspired robotics and their applications of UMS.

The goal of this special issue is to gather high-quality and original contributions that reach beyond the conventional ideas and approaches, and to address the following challenges:

a) How does an UMS using bio-inspired algorithm to detect objects in rough environments work preciously accurate and faster?

b) How to develop Bio-inspired based algorithms which help in the dynamic systems for UMS that are subject to robustness in rough conditions?

Indicative list of anticipated themes

The potential topics of this special issue include, but are not limited to:

  • Deep Learning for UMS
  • Bio-inspired Computer Vision for UMS
  • Bio-inspired Mechanical Design for UMS
  • Bio-inspired Control for UMS
  • Autonomous Sensing and the Internet of Things (IoT) for UMS
  • Bio-inspired Communication for UMS

Submission details

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