WHATT Theme issue questions and editors 2021 (volume 13)

Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes

WHATT V13 n1:

Tourism: How to achieve the sustainable development goals?

Theme Editors , Hugues Séraphin, UK and Vanessa GB Gowreesunkar, Nigeria 

Hugues Seraphin [email protected] Senior Lecturer, The University of Winchester, UK and Vanessa GB Gowreesunkar [email protected] Head of Department - Tourism and Hospitality, University of Africa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

WHATT v13 n2:

How is the hospitality and tourism industry in India responding to the dynamic digital era?

Theme Editors: Sandeep Munjal and Anjana Singh, India

Sandeep Munjal [email protected] Director, and Anjana Singh, [email protected] Head of School, Hospitality, Vedatya Institute, Gurgaon,Nigeria

WHATT V13 n3:

Tourism and hospitality post disaster and crisis: How can global resilience be enhanced?

Theme Editors: DeMond S. Miller, USA

DeMond S. Miller, [email protected] Professor and Director, Disaster Science & Emergency Management, Rowan University, New Jersey, USA

WHATT V13 n4:

How could tourism planners and policy makers overcome the barriers to sustainable tourism development in small island developing states?

Theme Editors:, Hale Ozgit and Ali Öztüren 

Hale Özgit, [email protected] Associate Professor, School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Cyprus International University, Northern Cyprus and Ali Öztüren, [email protected] Associate Professor, Faculty of Tourism, Eastern Mediterranean University, Northern Cyprus 

WHATT V13 n5:

How is the hospitality and tourism business in India responding to the aftermath caused by COVID-19?

Theme Editors: Gunjan M Sanjeev and Shweta Tiwari, India

Gunjan M Sanjeev, [email protected] Vice President – RBEF (Amity Education Group), Amity University, Gurgaon and Shweta Tiwari, [email protected] Professor and Associate Dean, Vedatya Institute, Gurgaon, India

WHATT V13 n6:

Global Trends issue: Do destinations have a complete picture of the overall cost and benefits of tourism to make evidence-based decisions?

Theme Editors: Jorge Costa, Mónica Montenegro, João Gomes, Portugal

Jorge Costa, President, IPDT – Institute of Tourism, [email protected] Monica Montenegro, Marketing Director, IPDT – Institute of Tourism, [email protected] João Gomes, Research Director, IPDT – Institute of Tourism, Portugal.  [email protected]