KM in a Changing World: Time for a New Research Agenda

Call for papers for: VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems

Guest Editors:   

Susanne Durst, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
Serdal Temel, Ege University, Turkey

The special issue of VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems intends to bring together new and novel ideas aimed at making visible the continued (and even stronger) role of KM research in a changing world taking into consideration the complexity of challenges the entire world is suffering from.

It aims to provide a platform to facilitate debate and steer the discourse on the future of KM research. Researchers and practitioners are invited to share and present their ideas and proposals as to how KM research can contribute to the new normal.

We welcome submissions to this special issue in the form of working papers, critical essays, or full research manuscripts, adopting different theoretical lenses and worldviews, using a variety of research methods, and exploring the topic with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Topics covered include (but are not limited to):

  • Novel research ways/approaches to contribute with insights that can help people, organizations, the society at large to address the changing world and all its consequences;
  • How to increase the level of knowledge creation by making sure that old and still relevant knowledge is not discarded;
  • How to develop and maintain KM platforms that function at society level;
  • How to develop smart KM systems that support people in making fast and informed decisions despite the increasing number of fake news and information;
  • Suitable KM strategies for supporting digital entrepreneurship activities;
  • How KM can support the increasing need for new skills and capacities among people (e.g. reskilling);
  • What the role of KM should be in an increasingly connected world and how to make sure that is role is reached;
  • How KM could be made an integrated component of all curricula at Higher Education Institutes, secondary schools and even earlier as a subject.

Deadline and Submission Details

The submission deadline for all papers is 20 September 2021.

The publication date of this special issue is April 2022.

To submit your research, please visit the ScholarOne manuscript portal.

To view the author guidelines for this journal, please visit the journal's page.

Contact the Guest Editors:

Susanne Durst
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
[email protected]

Serdal Temel
Ege University, Turkey
[email protected]