Intelligent technology and application of freight railway

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Special Issue Title:

Intelligent technology and application of freight railway

Guest editors:

Jiansheng Zhu

Ruimin Wang

Peng Xie

Special Issue Topic:

China's railway is experiencing rapid development. Since the country adjusts the transportation structure, freight railway, as an important national infrastructure, has served as important links for regional economic and social development. At the same time, the Intelligent freight railway has new development vitality: standardized operation (interface, operation process), intensive loading and unloading (cargo loading and unloading), visual management (station visual management), green transportation (whole green transportation), traceable tracking (spatial-temporal location and data tracing). The advanced technologies of the intelligent freight transportation system include: Internet of Things technology, remote automatic control technology, positioning and tracking technology, block chain technology. Therefore, this special issue summarizes the current research progress of intelligent technology and application of freight railway, as well as the application of advanced intelligent technology in the international field, aiming to encourage experts to summarize and exchange the results of scientific research. The special issue includes the following topics:

Intelligent Dispatching and Optimization of Heavy-haul Railway Train Operation

Evaluation Indictors System of Train Plan

Freight Value-added Extension Service and Blockchain Technology

Emergency Management of Freight Transportation

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August, 2020

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October, 2020


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