The 20th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (ICCSR) & The 11th Organisational Governance Conference (OGC)

Social Responsibility Journal

Social Responsibility in a Changing Era Mauritius, 7 – 10 September 2022

For our 20th conference we will travel to the idyllic island of Mauritius where our hosts will be the Université des Mascareignes. The conference will be organized jointly by the Université des Mascareignes and the Social Responsibility Research Network. After the disruptions of the past couple of years we are looking forward to this event and to joining with you in Mauritius.

Call for Papers

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused serious effects throughout the corporate world and there has been a need to adjust and adapt. There has equally been a need to rethink the ideas of corporate social responsibility. Additionally, governments and society have changed and needed to adapt. The effects are still playing out in the world of CSR. It is important that we recognise these changes and adapt – sharing best practice from around the world and we seek to recover.

We are in an era of change, and this can be expected to change. This is pertinent as we seek to recover as the World Health Organisation has already warned that future pandemics are inevitable so we must prepare to face them, hopefully in a better way than we have managed with Covid-19. At the same time the United Nations has warned that, while the pandemic and effects might be serious, there is a far more serious crisis facing the world and that is climate change. So, we need to recognize the present and future crises and adapt. We need also to focus upon the longer term objective of ensuring sustainability. Accordingly we have set the theme for this conference as focusing upon social responsibility in the changing era.

This conference is designed to act as a forum for the debate and analysis of contemporary issues in this broad area. It is intended to attract people from a wide variety of disciplines and geographic regions for an exchange of views.

The conference is intended to be interdisciplinary and welcomes contributions from anyone who has a perspective on this important issue. Papers are welcome on any topic related to this broad issue and suggested themes for papers include:

  • Corporate social responsibility and sustainability
  • CSR and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Human Rights and Business Sustainability
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
  • CSR & Digital revolution
  • CSR & Reputation
  • CSR in Developing Markets
  • Sustainability and free markets
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Socially responsible business activities
  • Globalisation and sustainable development
  • Regulation of corporate social and environmental behaviour
  • Governmental influences on sustainable development
  • Models of organisational governance
  • SR and Society
  • The role of Governments, NGOs and other Elements of Civil Society in CSR
  • Challenges of Social Inclusion: Gender, Inequalities and Human Rights
  • CSR & Positive Impact
  • Green agenda and climate change
  • Sustainable agenda for disabled persons
  • Consumer responsibility
  • Socially Responsible Finance and Banking
  • Responsible Finance and Investment
  • CSR in Financial companies
  • Inclusive Capitalism
  • Governance and leadership
  • CSR and Ethics
  • CSR in Education
  • Sustainability in Higher Education Institutions
  • Sustainable education and economic growth
  • Sustainable energy management
  • Sustainable telecommunication
  • Green technology and alternative energy systems
  • Sustainable waste management

Offers to run workshops, symposia, poster sessions, themed tracks or alternative events are especially welcome. Please contact either Shahla ([email protected]) or David ([email protected]) with suggestions.

Although preference will be given to full papers, abstracts of 200-500 words will also be considered. All papers and abstracts should be sent by 30th June 2022 by email to [email protected]. No more than 2 papers will be accepted from any author.

Final version of the accepted papers will be required by 10th of August 2022.

We will publish proceedings but we encourage all delegates to further seek to get their paper published in an appropriate outlet. Advice will be given during the conference. We also expect to follow our normal practice and a book of selected papers will be published. Full details concerning other publishing opportunities for the papers presented at the conference will be provided during the conference.


One of the distinguishing features of the conferences is SRRNet’s focus on subsequent publication of papers presented. SRRNet publishes at least one book of selected paper from each conference but also encourages every participant to publish their work. Advice will be given during the conference. Full details concerning other publishing opportunities for the papers presented at the conference will be provided during the conference.

The Network currently publishes 2 fully refereed and indexed official journals in association with Emerald Publishing:

  • Social Responsibility Journal
  • Technological Sustainability

The Network also publishes 3 book series, within which the book(s) from the conference will be published:

  • Approaches to Global Sustainability, Markets and Governance – published by Springer
  • Developments on Corporate Governance and Responsibility – published by Emerald
  • Science, Technology and Sustainability – published by World Scientific
  • All books published in these series are fully indexed.

We look forward to welcoming you to Mauritius in 2022 for what promises to be an exciting conference.

Dr Swaleha Peeroo
Conference Chair;
Head of Doctoral School
Université des Mascareignes
[email protected]

Prof Dr Martin Samy
Conference Chair;
Université des Mascareignes &
CEO of Samy Medical Group Pty Ltd
[email protected]

Prof Dr David Crowther
Chair of Scientific Committe;
President, SRRNet
& University of Bedfordshire,
United Kingdom
[email protected]

Dr Shahla Seifi
SRRNet Secretary & Conferences Chair
[email protected]

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