2019 Reviewers for Reference Services Review

Reference Services Review

Thank you to our 2019 peer reviewers

The publishing and editorial teams would like to thank the following, for their invaluable service as 2019 reviewers for this journal. We are very grateful for the contributions made.  With their help, the journal has been able to publish such high-quality articles:

Anaya, Felipe

Barker, Amy

Blinn, Kate

Bolefski, Afra

Bombaro, Christine

Briones, Bryan

Browndorf, Megan

Christiansen, Erik

Curran, Reilly

DeNotto, Michael

Fain, Margaret

Gibbon, Freya

Granatino, Christopher

Graves, Stephanie

Hahn, Jim

Hill, Jennifer

Horne, Angela

Johns, Liz

Johnson, Kenneth

Johnston, Lisa

Lee, Deborah

MacMillan, Margy

Pionke, JJ

Plovnick, Caitlin

Prosser, Deborah

Robbeloth, Hilary

Rosenblatt, Stephanie

Seadle, Michael

Shores, Mark

Tag, Sylvia

Tyckoson, David

Walton, Geoff

Zink, Steven