Records management in the Anthropocene

Call for papers for: Records Management Journal

Pathways and challenges presented by climate change

RMJ Editor: Sarah R. Demb, Harvard University Archives 

With Guest Co-editor: Eira Tansey, University of Cincinnati Libraries 

The Records Management Journal invites submissions for a themed issue focused on the pathways and challenges of climate change. We welcome contributions about, but not limited to, the following themes: 

  • climate change and its (potential) impact on records management policy, principles and main dimensions 
  • records management actors, components and advanced tools in relation to climate change 
  • risk management approaches, standards, methods and tools to address records management’s contribution to and mitigation of climate change 
  • records and information assets value and valorization (records economics/infonomics) 
  • records management’s increasing reliance on fragile infrastructures 
  • legal liability, rights, ownership and ethics in the Anthropocene 
  • professional responsibilities, roles and skills in the Anthropocene 
  • rapid technological change/challenges in the Anthropocene, including dealing with consequences of related events or practices such as pandemics and fossil-fuel use 
  • challenging aspects of climate and climate change outcomes on long-term (rather than permanent) preservation, including on emulation and migration models 
  • climate change resilience maturity models and records: relevant initiatives and case studies. 

We are interested in different disciplinary perspectives from researchers, academics and practitioners. Submissions can be viewpoints, critical reviews, research, case studies or conceptual/philosophical papers. 

Submission Deadlines 

  • Extended abstracts (more info below): 23 July 2020 
  • Abstracts accepted and authors notified no later than:  31 August 2020  
  • Full paper submitted: 23 October 2020 
  • Review, revision and final acceptance: 26 March 2021 

The Records Management Journal applies article-level publication so within approximately a month of acceptance the article will be available online.  

Submission Process 

Extended abstracts should be a 500 word version of the Records Management Journal’s structured abstract, using the headings described in the author guidelines at:

Please note that shorter opinion pieces and practitioner case studies (3,000 words) may also be submitted for this themed issue. Your abstract submission should indicate the intended length of your piece. 

Under the design/methodology/approach heading, please include the following as appropriate to the type of paper: 

  • What is the approach to the topic if it is a theoretical or conceptual paper? Briefly outline existing knowledge and the value added by the paper compared to that. 
  • What is the main research question and/or aim if it a research paper? What is the research strategy and the main method(s) used? 
  • If the paper is a case study outline, include its scope and nature, and the method of deriving conclusions.  
  • If the paper is an opinion piece, outline its focus and key highlight points. 

Please send your extended abstract to: [email protected] 

Full papers (for accepted abstracts) should be 3000-8000 words (excluding references) and prepared using the RMJ guidelines which can be found at:  

Papers will be reviewed following the journal’s standard double-blind peer review process.  

The editor(s) are also happy to receive informal enquiries before submissions of abstracts.