HRM and deviant and problematic behaviours in contemporary workplaces

Call for papers for: Personnel Review

Call for papers for a new special issue to be published in Personnel Review:

HRM and deviant and problematic behaviours in contemporary workplaces


Professor Timothy Bartram, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

Dr Jillian Cavanagh, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

Ms Patricia Pariona-Cabrera, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.


There is growing interest in the mainstream media, among practitioners and management/organisational behaviour scholars in workplace violence and more broadly bad workplace behaviours. It is clear from the growth of workplace violence and bad behaviours that current HRM approaches are not working. Moreover, there is a lack of research on the role of HRM in managing and mitigating bad workplace behaviours (e.g., workplace violence). This special issue will fill this void in the mainstream HRM literature. As part of this special issue we intend to develop a media release to support the promotion and interest in the special issue. PR has recently published a paper by De Cieri et al. (2019) on workplace bullying which calls for greater research on other forms of workplace violence. There is significant interest in the HRM literature on bullying and sexual harassment and other deviant workplace behaviours (this literature is well cited) but without the commensurate examination of the role of HRM in the mitigation of such dysfunctional behaviours. Surprisingly, there is a lack of research on HRM responses to the use of technology in bad workplace behaviours, as well as workplace violence. We intend to fill this gap. There is enormous HR/management practitioner interest, as well as media interest in this topic area which should also encourage greater downloads of articles.

The aim of the SI is to provide a better understanding of how theoretically and empirically organisations can use HRM practices to manage and mitigate bad workplace behaviours. We are interested in an examination of different types of bad workplace behaviours in different national contexts and in different industries and occupational groups. Our intention is to extend understandings of how HRM can play a role in the minimisation and even prevent bad workplace behaviours. By doing this, we hope that the SI will extend HRM theory and inform HR practice. Articles from this SI will also inform teaching.


Indicative list of themes:

•    HRM, workplace innovations and sustainable approaches to the management of deviant behaviours at work
• Case studies of best practice HRM and the mitigation and prevention of bad workplace behaviours
• The role of HRM in managing and minimising bullying behaviour  at the workplace
• HRM and the prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace
• Deviant workplace behaviours and the use of social media and technology
• The role of HRM in reducing unethical practices and behaviours perpetrated by management and/or staff
• HRM and the management and mitigation of challenging behaviours associated with the growth of diversity at the workplace
• The role of HRM in preventing discriminatory behaviours/practices of management and/or staff
• HRM responses around incidents of violent behaviours at work
• The role of HRM in the effective management of the consequences of bad workplace behaviours such as employee turnover, mental health challenges, anti-social behaviour and self-harm.


Submission deadline: July 1st 2020. All submissions to be made via the ScholarOne online manuscript management system  following the author guidelines found in the journal's page.