Public governance, integrity, performance and inclusiveness in Asia

Call for papers for: Public Administration and Policy

Guest editors:

Professor Ahmed Shafiqul Huque, McMaster University, Canada [email protected]

Dr. Habib Zafarullah, University of New England, Australia [email protected]

Special Issue Topic:

The concept of public governance undergoes continuous analysis, and new interpretations are advanced in response to domestic demands and global changes. Three general problems have been identified in the literature to explain weak governance in Asian states. First, in many states, corruption emerged as a major factor affecting almost all aspects of governing. The second area of concern is the capacity of governments to perform the tasks expected of them. Finally, despite some progress in developing the framework of governance, the inclusion of various stakeholders is yet to be fully factored in (Addink, 2019; Godenhjelm & Johanson, 2018; Raco, 2016).

In order to explore these critical issues and generate debates and discussions on their ramifications, Public Administration and Policy will publish a special issue on Public governance, integrity, performance and inclusiveness in Asia in 2020.

Submissions are invited on any aspect of public governance related to this theme with reference to the experience of the countries in the Asia Pacific region. Results of original research on constitutional and organizational arrangements for ensuring integrity, assessing and enhancing the capacity of the public service, and evaluating and promoting measures for inclusion of diverse groups are solicited. In addition, practice-based articles on the identified theme are also welcome.

PAP is a semi-annual refereed journal jointly sponsored by the Hong Kong Public Administration Association (HKPAA) and SPEED, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. From 2018 onwards, PAP has online publication and global dissemination on the Emerald Insight Platform.

Submission Procedure:

Submissions to this journal are to be made through the Scholar One submission system here: Please visit the author guidelines for the journal. Please ensure you select this special issue from the relevant drop-down menu of the submission process.

Submission Deadline:

15 February 2020.

Important dates:

  • Submission of Papers: 15 February 2020
  • Expected Date of Publication: November 2020


If you have any queries please feel free to discuss your manuscript ideas with the Guest Editors: Prof. Ahmed Shafiqul Huque ([email protected]) or Dr. Habib Zafarullah ([email protected])