Management of Environmental Awareness, Protection and Pro-environmental Behaviours

Call for papers for: Management of Environmental Quality

Submission deadline: 31 November 2020

Special issues editors

Muhammad Shahbaz
School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, China
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Hashim Zameer
College of Economics and Management, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, China
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Muhammad Shujaat Mubarik
Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Pakistan
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Overview of Special Issue 

Reinforcing environmental awareness among general public and consumers is increasingly gaining popularity among businesses and policy makers worldwide. It is primarily due to its role in environmental protection and strengthening pro-environmental behaviours. Creating environmental awareness makes it easy for businesses and policy makers to carry out basic functions for the management of environmental quality. Typically, organizations and governments worldwide consume a huge sum of money in exploring the ways to create environmental awareness among the general public due to its significant role for the protection of the natural environment. This call for papers aims to capture the attention of scholars, and it is hoped that the results will open fruitful discussion upon new avenues and mechanisms that can play a pivotal role for the management of environmental awareness, protection and pro-environmental behaviours. Likewise, the results are likely to provide positive consequences for businesses and policy makers. However, experts and scholars in the area of environmental management suggest that there are several challenges in creating and managing environmental awareness including human resources issues such as their behaviours and adoptability to environmental practices, marketing management problems such as the validity and reliability of environmental advertising, environmental designs, eco-labels, consumer behaviour such as environmental knowledge issues, adaptation of environmental friendly practices in usage of products and services, the role of policy makers such as enforcement of environmental laws, green economy development, low carbon economy, zero waste strategies.

Indicative List of Anticipated Themes 

Environmental Awareness and its Management Strategies
Importance of Environmental Awareness for Environmental Protections 
The Role of the Government for Environmental Protections
The role of Environmental Laws and its Influences on Environmental Quality
Green Manufacturing and Consumer Pro-Environmental Behaviours
Supply Chain Management Practices for Environmental Protections  
Role of Retailers toward Creating Environmental Awareness
Eco-labelling and Buying Behaviours
Marketing Innovations and Environment
Ecological Efficiency and Green Economy
Environmental Adaptation and Climate Change
Cultivating Environmental Awareness among Consumers

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