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Maritime Digital Business Technologies: Challenges and Applications

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Special Issue on “Maritime Digital Business Technologies: Challenges and Applications”

The new business environment, where the need of global supply chains for seamless flow for goods and services increases impetuously, demands the maritime industry to offer higher value to users. At the same time, computational intelligence and digitalization technologies have gained a historical momentum with more computational power and new techniques. In this regard, digital technology is going to be an essential need for the industry (Nguyen, et al., 2018; Larson and Chang, 2016). Decisions on spare part management, bunkering, maintenance and more, demand for real time systems, which will enable decision makers to make data driven decisions during the entire life cycle of the assets from the newbuilding phase all the way to scrapping. For this reason, such systems require well-structured data lakes, quality data and visual simplicity (Kwon, Lee and Shin, 2014). In addition, man-machine harmonization is key to the success of such systems with training and skill development being critical (Jin et al., 2015).

The aim of this special issue is to address potential applications, bottlenecks and computational solutions to the industrial problems. In addition to that, the digitalization policy and manpower transformation are also key questions of the issue.

This special issue will consider independent papers as well as papers presented at the Conference of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME2020, Hong Kong). In this regard, a special session will be organized at the IAME2020 Conference for papers submitted to this track. For more details on the special session, please visit the conference website: https://www.polyu.edu.hk/fb/IAME2020/images/Maritime_digital_business_technologies.pdf



Following topics are potentially considered in the scope of this special issue (but not limited to):

  • Conceptual business models in digitalization
  • Digitalization of payment systems
  • Cryptocurrency systems and applications
  • Human resource management and digitalization
  • Big data and data analytics models
  • Predictive maintenance systems
  • Machine learning
  • Digital system representations (Digital Twin)
  • Blockchain applications
  • Supply chain visibility in shipping
  • Additive manufacturing systems in the maritime digital space
  • Case studies in digital applications
  • Decision-making challenges with the use of business analytics (e.g. spares, inventory, chartering, supplies, bunkering) 
  • Cyber security models
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Policy making and public governance for digital solutions
  • National and international regulations in the maritime digital space
  • Maritime technology management
  • Environmental technologies for shipping
  • Digital solutions for ship safety and security
  • Productivity gain with the 21st century technologies
  • Maritime technology management
  • Manpower evolution in the digitalization era
  • Human Resources Management in digitalization era
  • Environmental technologies for shipping
  • Digital solutions for ship safety and security
  • Productivity gain with the 21st century technologies

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Submission Deadline: 31 September 2020


Important Dates

First reviewer feedback (Accept/Revise/Reject): 31 December 2020

Revised paper submission: 15 February 2020

Second reviewer feedback (Accept/Reject): 31 May 2020

Revised paper submission: 30 June 2020

Expected publication date: September 2021



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