Advanced Machine Learning for Information Processing

Call for papers for: Journal of Systems and Information Technology

Submission deadline: 30th September 2020

Guest editors

Dr. Gustavo Ramirez, University of Cauca, Colombia ([email protected], [email protected])

Dr. Zhongyi Hu, Wuhan University, China ([email protected]).

Overview of special issue

Machine learning has become a significant area of research that has enabled machines to detect complex patterns, create models, and solve problems in different real-world engineering applications across a wide spectrum of fields. Our increasing ability to generate and collect tremendous volumes of data, at multiple scales, enables machine learning and other bio-inspired techniques to extract useful information for a better understanding of information processing. Big data is already a challenge. An additional challenge, now, is for advanced machine learning methods to deal with big data and yield useful information in the shortest possible/available time.

The theme of this special issue highlights the need for and importance of analyzing big data for information processing via advanced machine learning methods. This special issue seeks to collect high-quality research papers reporting recent developments, ideas, methods, and empirical findings that have the potential to stimulate collaboration and expand our knowledge in this field.

Indicative list of anticipated themes

  • Advanced machine learning for big data information
  • Deep learning for biological predictions
  • Big data mining
  • Machine learning for business applications
  • Advanced machine learning for engineering optimization
  • Neural signal processing via machine learning
  • Hybrid decision tress
  • Traditional vs advanced machine learning
  • Weather information processing
  • Home automation applications
  • Advanced machine learning for Internet of Thing

Submission details

Authors are required to prepare their manuscripts by following the ‘author guidelines’ available at:

All submissions should be submitted to the "Advanced ML" issue (Step 5 of the submission procedure) through the online manuscript submission system:

Important dates

Opening the submission window: 30th June (NOW OPEN ON SCHOLAR ONE)

Submission closing date being, 30th September 2020

Final acceptance date: 1st February 2021