Professionalism in the pandemic: free-to-access EarlyCite articles now available

Journal of Professional Capital and Community

As educators around the world respond to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Journal of Professional Capital and Community (JPCC), the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI), and the ARC Education Project have collaboratively launched a special issue of JPCC: Professionalism in the Pandemic.

The purpose of this special issue is to create a scholarly forum for sharing perspectives from around the world about how educators in classrooms, schools, school systems, and broader communities are innovatively, creatively, and productively responding to this unfolding crisis. 


To support and supplement this special themed issue you can watch Martin Scanlan, Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Capital and Community, talk with experts Alma Harris, Pak Tee Ng, and Pasi Sahlberg about professionalism in the pandemic.

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As articles become available, they will be placed on the EarlyCite platform within Emerald Insight.

Click the articles below for free access and stay tuned for more articles being added on a weekly basis.

Introduction to the JPCC special issue: Professionalism in the Pandemic
Martin Scanlan

Beyond COVID-19 supernova. Is another education coming?
Cecilia Azorín

School leadership during a pandemic: navigating tensions
Deborah M. Netolicky

Considerations for school leaders serving US immigrant communities in the global pandemic
Rebecca Lowenhaupt, Megan Hopkins

Rethinking professional collaboration and agency in a post-pandemic era
Paul Campbell

Will the pandemic change schools?
Pasi Sahlberg

The Covid-19 pandemic and the dissolution of the university campus: implications for student support practice
Rille Raaper and Chris Brown

Learning in the time of COVID-19: capitalizing on the opportunity presented by the pandemic
Christopher E. Trombly

Principal professionalism in the time of COVID-19
Corrie Stone-Johnson and Jennie Miles Weiner

COVID-19 – school leadership in crisis?
Alma Harris

Building blocks of instructor professional development for innovative ICT use during a pandemic
Kim Schildkamp, Iwan Wopereis, Marian Kat-De Jong, Annette Peet and IJsbrand Hoetjes

The perils of notional membership during a pandemic
Christina L. Dobbs and Christine Montecillo Leider

Pracademics in the pandemic: pedagogies and professionalism
Trista Hollweck & Armand Doucet

Professional capital after the pandemic: revisiting and revising classic understandings of teachers' work
Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan

SPARK-ing Innovation: A Model for Elementary Classrooms as COVID-19 Unfolds     
Jeanne M. Powers 

COVID-19 is Killing Education Budgets: Are Educational Public-Private Partnerships an Answer?         
Romita Mitra

Teaching in the Pandemic: Reconfiguring Chilean educators' professionalism now and for the future         
Álvaro González

Crisis and Opportunity in Teacher Preparation in the Pandemic: Exploring the “Adjacent Possible”         
Amy Tsui

Education During the Pandemic: The Case of Kuwait         
Ibrahim Alhouti

Building Social Capital for Constructive Adaptive Capacity under Social Stress         
Yutong Wang