Michael Fullan emerging scholar in professional capital and community award

Journal of Professional Capital and Community

Submission deadline:  March 6th, 2023   

This award recognizes a scholar who has examined ‘Professional Capital and Community’ in both theoretical and practical depth. The award will go to someone who is helping advance the knowledge base of professional capital and community by applying the concepts in a manner that furthers practice and reflects greater recognition of professional capital in the teaching force.

Selection criteria

The award is open to all applicants who have completed their dissertation within the past 5 years. Applicants must include a list of their scholarly publications relevant to the fields of professional capital or professional community in education. Applicants must also provide evidence of their demonstrated commitment to developing professional capital within their own professional communities. This award is open globally. The selection committee values diversity and equity and encourages candidates from all backgrounds as well as submissions from all disciplines in education relevant to the focus of the award.

Award Amount: $1,250 


Application process

Required documents:

  • Personal statement describing applicant's suitability for the award (max = 1000 words)
  • List of relevant publications
  • CV
  • Letter of support from an established scholar in the field


Review committee:  A review committee composed of 3 senior scholars in the field of professional capital and community will review applications. 


Submission directions:  Please send submissions to [email protected] with “Michael Fullan Emerging Scholar Submission” in the subject line.