Jennifer Nelson wins the 2020 Michael Fullan Emerging Scholar in Professional Capital and Community Award

Journal of Professional Capital and Community

The Journal of Professional Capital and Community (JPCC) editorial team is delighted to announce that Jennifer Nelson of Peabody College, Vanderbilt University, is the recipient of this year’s Michael Fullan Emerging Scholar in Professional Capital and Community Award. 

Jennifer sees the award as a significant milestone as she prepares to enter an academic position where she will continue her research on issues of teacher well-being produced by the organizational arrangements inside of schools.

"To be connected to an interdisciplinary and international community of scholars through this award and this journal will strengthen my research, help me connect my sociological perspective with those of other fields, as well as help me think more broadly about the consequences of social dynamics in schools around the globe."

Jennifer Nelson, award winner, with her certificate.

Winner: Jennifer Nelson

Praise from the judges

Judge Professor Michael Fullan explains, Jennifer was selected because of the high quality and nature of her work, her promise as a scholar as she takes up her first university tenure track position and her track record and commitment to working with peers. 

Still at the beginning of her career after receiving her doctorate in 2018, she has already accomplished great work, for example her original work on interracial trust and well-being of teachers under different demographic conditions.

"This award, and her admission to the JPCC community catapults jennifer into the exciting diverse international network where she will benefit and contribute greatly through what will be a long and rich scholarly career." Professor Michael Fullan, judge

Fellow judge Cecilia Azorin agrees that Jennifer is one of the leading scholars of her generation and a worthy winner of the prestigious award. 

"Someone of Jennifer's calibre is able to carry on the work that Professor Michael Fullan, Professor Andy Hargreaves, Professor Alma Harris and many others have undertaken, in the pursuit of better outcomes for all learners through a deeper understanding of system, school and professional change. She is a rising star.” Cecilia Azorin, 2019 winner and judge

About the award

The team support emerging scholars through recognition of their achievements and believe the annual award to be a critical part of building professional capital and community within the field of research. 

To qualify for the award, the candidate must be a graduate of a PhD or EdD programme in education and within the first five years of his/her career as an educational scholar. The individual must demonstrate a strong record of original and significant scholarship related to professional capital and/or professional community.

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