Jeff Walls wins the 2022 Michael Fullan Emerging Scholar in Professional Capital and Community Award

Journal of Professional Capital and Community

The Journal of Professional Capital and Community (JPCC) editorial team is delighted to announce that Jeff Walls of Washington State University, is the recipient of this year’s Michael Fullan Emerging Scholar in Professional Capital and Community Award. 

Jeff's application highlighted his commitment and contributions to the ongoing development of professional capital in his own professional community in Northeast Washington state, along with a strong and sustained publication track record focusing on explorations of caring leadership, values, and value-infused decision making in schools, all of which evidence his deep engagement and value in the field of professional capital and community.

"I am very pleased to be recognized as the 2022 Michael Fullan Emerging Scholar in Professional Capital and Community! As an admirer of Dr Fullan’s work, it is especially gratifying to be recognized as one who is following in his intellectual footsteps. The development of professional capital and community are central to my interests as a scholar, and I am elated that my early career contributions in these areas of inquiry have warranted recognition. I believe that the key to sustained educational improvement begins and ends with cultivating the knowledge, skills, and passion of educational professionals doing the work of teaching students: receiving this prize gives me motivation to continue exploring how we can best support these professionals and their development."

Photograph of Award Winner Jeff Walls holding his certificate.

Winner: Jeff Walls

Praise from the awards committee

The awards committee were particularly impressed by Jeff's "well-balanced CV" and "impeccable publication record", calling him "an excellent and extensive member and leader of the professional community" who is "making a valuable contribution" to the field. The committee also commended Jeff's productivity, strong commitment, and deep and frequent engagement with others, describing him as "self-sufficient and motivated, expanding his work and thinking differently about theory and practice" with "professional capital and community a core focus of [his] work and research". Jeff's presentations, scholarship and collaborations with practising educators provide "a new line of research" that is "particularly relevant to the expansion of the concept of professional capital beyond knowledge and skills".

About the award

The team support emerging scholars through recognition of their achievements and believe the annual award to be a critical part of building professional capital and community within the field of research. 

To qualify for the award, the candidate must be a graduate of a PhD or EdD programme in education and within the first five years of his/her career as an educational scholar. The individual must demonstrate a strong record of original and significant scholarship related to professional capital and/or professional community.

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