Ho Chun Sing Maxwell wins the 2023 Michael Fullan Emerging Scholar in Professional Capital and Community Award

Journal of Professional Capital and Community

The Journal of Professional Capital and Community (JPCC) editorial team is delighted to announce that Ho Chun Sing Maxwell of The Education University of Hong Kong is the recipient of this year’s Michael Fullan Emerging Scholar in Professional Capital and Community Award. 

Dr Maxwell holding the Michael Fullan Emerging Scholar in Professional Capital and Community Award.


Dr Maxwell's application highlighted his commitment and contributions to the ongoing development of professional capital in his own professional community in Hong Kong, along with a strong publications focusing on conceptualising teacher entrepreneurialism, commitment to the integration of entrepreneurialism to inspire future educators to be entrepreneurial educators, and the development of professional communities, all of which evidence his deep engagement and value in the field of professional capital and community.

“I am humbled and honored to have been selected for the 2023 Michael Fullan Emerging Scholar Award. Professor Fullan's work has always been an inspiration in the field of educational research, and this recognition means a great deal to me. I am grateful for the opportunity it gives me to contribute to the development of professional capital and community in the education sector.
For this, I would like to thank my esteemed university, The Education University of Hong Kong (my alma mater), for providing me with such an excellent learning place and colleagues. Special gratitude also goes out to Professor Allan Walker, Mentor Dr. Darren Bryant, Dr. Lu Jiafang, and Dr. Thomas Man, for their guidance and support throughout my academic journey - as well as my assistant Kelvin, who has aided me greatly. Most importantly, I must thank my wife Ellen and lovely children Lucas, Ethan, and Elly - this honor truly belongs to all of them.
This award has spurred me on in my research pursuits even more; I am resolute in honoring its spirit by continuing to build professionalism within the education space. Once again, thank you for bestowing upon me such a prestigious recognition.”

Winner: Ho Chun Sing Maxwell

Praise from the awards committee

The awards committee were particularly impressed by Dr Maxwell's "strong and clear focus on teacher entrepreneurialism" and "pioneering effort", remarking "both [his] letter and statement speak to the relevance of the Hong Kong context". One reviewer stated "It is clear how this contextual perspective will diversify professional capital and community". The committee further commended Dr Maxwell's innovative and creative field of study, describing his application's "clear connection to potential future endeavours", and an overall "strong connection to suitability for the award", which confirmed him as this year's "strongest candidate".

About the award

The team support emerging scholars through recognition of their achievements and believe the annual award to be a critical part of building professional capital and community within the field of research. 

To qualify for the award, the candidate must be a graduate of a PhD or EdD programme in education and within the first five years of his/her career as an educational scholar. The individual must demonstrate a strong record of original and significant scholarship related to professional capital and/or professional community.

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