Present and future for branding during and after the Covid-19 Crisis “New Normality”

Call for papers for: Journal of Product & Brand Management


SPECIAL ISSUE on: Present and future for branding during and after the Covid-19 Crisis “New Normality”

(Deadline: 31st December, 2020)



In the last few weeks the Covid-19 pandemic has taught humanity that nothing is given, the crisis is closer—and more severe—than anybody anticipated, and that what is perceived as “normal” has drastically changed. There is high uncertainty related to a number of issues in the present, such as the overall severity, duration, and instability the crisis has introduced over time, and the nature and time of the recovery. Many are talking about a constantly changing “new normality” that is redefining the economic, political, and social landscape with varied effects across cultures. It is also widely discussed that this crisis will be a catalyst and will have long-term impacts that cannot be completely predicted. The changes underway are not leaving the business world and the future of brands unaffected.

The scope of the Journal of Product & Brand Management states that “Branding has evolved and organizations are facing a lot of new challenges when managing their brand reputations, an activity that has become strategic and interdisciplinary”. Understanding and monitoring how COVID-19 has already affected and is likely to affect brands after the planet overcomes this crisis from the perspective of all the actors involved is vital. Some already evident changes include the evolution of consumers’ attitudes, beliefs, behaviour and priorities towards brands and the way that brands operate and respond during the different stages of this crisis. For example, how brands respond to the current need for social distancing, the trend to stay more at home, and the accelerated use of technology. Uncertainty is also playing a dominant role in the way that individuals and the market behave. The short-term changes we are experiencing are predicted to lead to much longer-term change. Many more new brand related issues will surely emerge in the upcoming months, both in terms of current challenges and the adaptation of the various actors during this period of time, and in terms of how brands must prepare for the post-crisis period. Academics have a duty to try to provide relevant insights to practice on how to deal with this crisis and “new normal”.

We are thus welcoming papers related to brands from a consumer or business perspective during and after the Covid-19 crisis. In addition to the issues previously discussed, papers can also focus on:

  • branding in unstable environments
  • how brands should react (or are reacting) during the outbreak phase and how they can prepare for the next phase 
  • consumers and brands in crisis/uncertainty
  • consumer responses to brands
  • learning from the Covid-19 for other brand-related crisis management situations
  • cross-country differences on brand-centric issues during the crisis
  • brands and their contribution to the greater good during the Covid-19 outbreak
  • brands and corporate social responsibility during a pandemic
  • internal banding in crisis and in a period of change in priorities
  • any other relevant brand related issue during this crisis



All papers need to be submitted online to the Special Issue on “Covid 19 crisis” through the ScholarOne System ( The papers for this special issue will be handled by the regular Editors in Chief (Francisco Guzmán and Cleopatra Veloutsou).

The system will open: 1st November, 2020

Deadline for submissions: 31st December, 2020