Call for abstracts - Wren, Bedeian and The Evolution of Management Thought: 50th Anniversary

Call for papers for: Journal of Management History

Call for abstracts for Special Issue of Journal of Management History 

“Wren, Bedeian and The Evolution of Management Thought: 50th Anniversary” 


As a discipline, management history largely owes its institutional and intellectual existence to two events, both of which mark their 50th anniversary in 2021-2022. The first of these relate to the formation of the Management History Division of the Academy of Management in 1971. Among the foundation members of the MHD were Dan Wren (University of Oklahoma) and Arthur (Art) Bedeian (Louisiana State University).  

The second seminal event was the publication in 1972 of the first edition of The Evolution of Management Thought. Initially sole-authored by Wren, later issues were co-authored by both Wren and Bedeian.  

The purpose of this Special Issue, which is made at a time when both Wren and Bedeian are both still intellectually active, is to mark the 50th anniversary of the inaugural publication of The Evolution of Management Thought and also to bring about a critical assessment of the ideas that Wren, Bedeian and other founding figures of the MHD (i.e. Claude George, Ronald Greenwood, David Van Fleet) articulated.  

Those interested in submitting an article to this Special Commemorative Issue should express their interest via emails to the SI Editor, Bradley Bowden at: [email protected]  

A call for papers will follow this with details on how to submit full papers. Submissions will be expected between July and October 2021.