Innovative Knowledge-Based Methods for Information Management in Business and Marketing

Call for papers for: Journal of Indian Business Research

The submission portal for this special issue will open May 1, 2020.

Guest Editors:
Dr. Jose Ramon Saura, Department of Business Economics, Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Ana Reyes-Menendez, Department of Business Economics, Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain
Email: [email protected]

The global development of the Internet has led companies to modify their business strategies in search of new ways to increase business and marketing productivity and profitability. Additionally, to this new environment, the increased use of social networks and the Internet have become habits for consumers to the point that there are millions of devices connected to the Internet that are constantly generating new data. As the use of these technologies has become habitual for users, it has also become commonplace for users to share information about experiences and opinions, as well as content related to the interests of users and companies via social networks, known as user-generated content (UGC). 

In looking at these types of data sources, several studies have analyzed the influence of the application of information management to business and marketing strategies as the UGC is defined as the content generated by users in social networks and digital platforms. The study of this type of content is important in the context of new business models and marketing strategies globally as it can enable managers to generate meaningful insights that may in turn help to refine strategic responses or become the basis for further research.

Therefore, the purpose of this Special Issue is to analyze how the new ways of analyzing this new data can influence the development of business and marketing strategies as well as decision-making processes in Indian companies or other companies based in emerging countries. The objective of this Special Issue, consequently, is to analyze how UGC data analysis techniques applied to business and marketing affects the business environment and decision-making in emerging countries.

In this context, DBDS 2020 International Conference in Business and Marketing recognizes the immediacy of understanding the digital business and marketing ecosystems in India and emerging countries and aims to bring together these research studies for discussion and debate in DBDS 2020: “Digital Behavior and Data Sciences International Conference for Business and Marketing” that will take place in 21-23, May 2020 (Porto, Portugal). The conference is aimed at both academia and the practitioners to deliberate upon the empirical and conceptual papers about topical developments:

  • Digital Business
  • Information Management
  • UGC Analysis
  • Information Technologies
  • Digital Marketing Innovation
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Social Media Marketing

For this Special Issue, we invite paper contributions related to any of the topics outlined above and which clearly relate to information management for business and marketing in Indian companies or other companies based in emerging countries.  Few selected papers would be invited for publication in this special issue in JIBR. However, authors not able to attend the conference can also submit the manuscript for this special issue, pertaining to few suggested topics, areas or indicated themes.

Submission deadline: September 1, 2020

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