The impacts of the construction industry’s increasing focus on disaster resilience

Call for papers for: Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction

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Submission window closes: 22nd July 2021

Guest editors

Dr Greg Watts, University of Salford

Email: [email protected]

Dr Gayan Wedawatta, Aston University

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Overview of special issue

The aim of the Special Issue is to explore this growing research area and contribute with flagship papers that will serve as the foundation for future research agendas. Both disaster resilience and wider social responsibility of construction organisations are increasingly important and increasingly under stakeholder scrutiny. Knowledge of the resilience of the built environment, including preparedness, response, and recovery, has advanced significantly over recent years. We are now in an era where resilience is seen as a key constituent of the built environment. But the recurring and devastating impacts of disasters constantly challenge us to improve our practices and seek ways of reaching greater heights in the quest of achieving a resilient built environment. Many of the initiatives to enhance resilience in the built environment carry financial implications. The increasing need for built environment organisations to focus on, and be seen to focus on, creating social value also carries financial implications. Such implications must be balanced with the need to make a profit or often to simply ensure business survival. This Special Issue serves to capitalise on the growing importance of the twin contemporary demands placed upon construction finance – creating a positive impact in society and ensuring both built assets and the construction companies themselves are disaster resilient. These demands need to be better understood and explored in the context of construction finance so benefits can be maximised for all stakeholders. 

Indicative list of anticipated themes

  • Project and corporate financing 
  • Value for money in disaster funding 
  • Can Social Value be created when the focus is upon disaster resilience
  • The financial impacts of risk management and whole life costs 
  • The cost-benefit analysis of preparedness 
  • Modelling of societal changes and associated costs 
  • Financing ‘building-back-better’ 
  • Post-disaster housing, recovery, and reconstruction 
  • Property-level disaster resilience 
  • Disaster insurance and re-insurance  
  • Disaster risk financing strategies 
  • Current theoretical and practical debates concerning construction 
  • Economics of Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Value 
  • Legislation and stakeholder requirements  
  • Micro and Macro Construction Economics 
  • The costs of investment in infrastructure  
  • Short and Long term financial and non-financial implications of procurement routes  
  • Business continuity and resilience 

Submission details

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