Covid-19, entrepreneurship and public policy

Call for papers for: Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy

Submission system opens: March 2021 

Submission deadline: 30th June 2021 

Final decisions: December 2021 

Target publishing date: Volume 11.1, 2022 


To submit: please submit via the Scholar One system, and select the special issue from the drop-down list. Please note: this special issue will not open for submissions until March 2021.   

This special journal issue will focus specifically on the public policy initiatives from an entrepreneurship perspective. This will help to gain a better understanding about the role of policy in entrepreneurship and vice versa. The aim of this special journal issue is to discuss in more detail ways public policy has taken an entrepreneurial path in light of the covid-19 pandemic. This means focusing from a practical perspective different ways public policy has been effective in helping society deal with significant disruption. In terms of research the special journal issue will serve as a seminal source for information about covid-19 and public policy from an entrepreneurial point of view. This will enable novel and cutting edge perspectives to be discussed and disseminated. From a teaching perspective this special journal issue will provide a source of information about public policy and covid-19. 

Potential topics: 

-Public policy initiatives regarding covid-19 

-Entrepreneurial policy that has been instigated as a result of covid-19 

-International comparisons regarding public policy effectiveness in dealing with covid-19 

-The way digital policies have been used in times of the covid-19 pandemic 

-How public policy regarding covid-19 compares to previous health pandemics 

-The role of different industry bodies in influencing covid-19 public health policies 


Guest Editor Dr Vanessa Ratten 

[email protected]