Contextual approaches to safeguarding adolescents

Call for papers for: Journal of Children's Services

Guest Editors: Carlene Firmin, Kristie Hickle and Susan Rayment-McHugh

This special issue of the Journal of Children’s Services will focus on matters surrounding the development and delivery of contextual interventions intended to safeguard young people during adolescence. The special edition will draw together evidence on the best ways to build safety in young people’s peer relationships, schools, and neighbourhoods as well as in their families, as routes to abuse prevention.  Shared successes will be identified and the challenges of contextual intervention explored.   

We welcome submissions to this special issue. Topics covered include (but are not limited to):

  1. Interventions to boost protection within young people's peer groups and friendship networks such as bystander interventions, peer support and group work
  2. Placed-based interventions to address exploitation or other forms of abuse experienced by young people in public places, schools and online platforms
  3. Interventions that address the impact of extra-familial risks/relationships on family relationships and dynamics
  4. Systems change activities that build context into child protection, and wider safeguarding, services
  5. Approaches to build and measure the contextual outcomes of abuse prevention efforts

Deadline and Submission Details

Abstract deadline: 31 December 2020
The submission deadline for all papers is: 1 May 2021
The publication date of this special issue is December 2021

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Contact the Guest Editor:
Carlene Firmin
University of Bedfordshire
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